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5 Amazing Facts about Caviar

Caviar tends to be associated with people living the good life. It isn’t the most exclusive food on the planet, but it does enjoy a reputation for being very hard to acquire. Some enjoy it on its own when served in the classic fashion over ice in a crystal dish. There is no denying the distinct air of elegance this provides, but others favor it in combination with other foods. Caviar can make an excellent accent to the flavors of a dish or act as a distinct garnish. Beyond it being credited as being rather exclusive, caviar has some actually interesting facts surrounding it, its production, and its potential benefits. Most people overlook how interesting it is, but we’ve put together some of the most interesting facts to give you a larger taste of caviar.

Caviar is Specific
There’s a common misconception that caviar actually covers all forms of fish eggs, also known as roe. This is inaccurate. Caviar is specific and covers only the varieties of sturgeon roe. There isn’t a single species of sturgeon and, depending on the brand, the caviar might be from a single species or a mixed collection from various species. Traditionally, the mix is actually more common due to its origin in Russia and being a product of the fishermen there. Many brands are more specific today thanks to the advent of commercial fisheries.

Caviar Is International
Amusingly, despite being credited with caviar, Russians didn’t actually invent the idea of caviar and don’t even call it that. There is evidence suggesting people have been eating sturgeon roe for ages. Caviar is simply the most recognizable modern form that it takes. Caviar is a loan word from Turkish that has morphed over the centuries into its modern form. Russians actually use the word “ikra” to refer to all fish roe with caviar having no special name. To be clear, ikra is the version of the word utilizing the English alphabet and the actual word looks different in true Russian script.

Caviar and vodka

Caviar Is Surprisingly Healthy
One of the most interesting aspects of caviar is that it is surprisingly good for your overall health and your skin. Caviar, despite being unfertilized roe, is prepared to help the growth of a young animal and as a result is absolutely packed with healthy nutrients. This makes it an excellent source of particular vitamins and minerals that constitute a healthy diet. In particular, it contains prominent concentrations of multiple forms of vitamins as well as a potent collection of calcium and iron. There are plenty of other healthy nutrients in it as well.

Caviar Is Valued For Its Salt
Caviar’s flavor is graded in a variety of ways. Enthusiasts often abandon eating caviar with any extras to get the full taste of the caviar. As salted fish eggs, this means the taste of caviar is necessarily rather salty. Since caviar is a fish products, it often ends up with a briny taste that is affected by the environment the fish are in before the caviar is harvested. Eating caviar with other foods often covers up the nuances in flavor that an enthusiast can detect. It leads to an interesting situation wherein caviar is at once valued for the briny salt flavor, but the flavor’s subtle differences beyond this shared facet are where its value comes from.

Caviar Is For More Than One Sense
The flavor may be the central facet for enthusiasts, but you can actually tell a lot about caviar by giving it a good look. Smaller, darker eggs are generally regarded as a lower quality of caviar. The goal is to harvest the caviar from older fish for more mature eggs to get the best caviar. Each batch of caviar also has a distinct texture that can be determined in a number of ways. Both the feel of it as well as the sound of it when being moved around and examined by a skilled professional can tell a great deal about the overall quality.

Caviar is an interesting addition to a variety of dishes, but you might want to consider tasting the food on its own. This allows you to properly appreciate its unique flavor and texture to the fullest extent. Remember to try multiple kinds to get a feel for caviar as a good and you may be able to develop your own tastes regarding caviar.

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