A Redo of Greta Garbo’s Lifestyle

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A Redo of Greta Garbo’s Lifestyle

Greta Garbo was a multi award-winning Hollywood star, who was at the peak of her career in the 1920’s and 1930’s. In 1953, Garbo purchase a luxurious three bedroom apartment in Manhattan, in the exclusive Campanile building, and kept herself relatively private while she lived there. Garbo lived in this home for 40 years, before she died in 1990, passing the apartment down to her heirs. Now, for the first time since the apartment was purchased by Garbo, this property is back on the market, giving fans a unique insight into Garbo’s life.

The Master Bedroom
Greta Garbo’s luxurious and spacious Manhattan apartment served as her sanctuary, and this was especially the case when it came to the master bedroom. Garbo had extremely specific ideas about the color that her walls should be, and lit a candle under a piece of rose-hued fabric to convey her ideas to her interior decorator. As a result, the walls of the master bedroom are covered in a patterned Fortuny silk, which the new buyer of the property will have the fortune of inheriting. They will also be able to enjoy the bedroom’s glass mirrored closet doors, which also add quite the element of glamour to the overall feel of the room.

A Redo of Greta Garbo's Lifestyle

The Living Room
The apartment’s large living room is tastefully opulent, and is covered with a pine wood paneling that Garbo picked out herself. The room itself is an L-shape, with plenty of built-in shelves and a large balcony. From here, the apartment’s new owner will be able to enjoy an unobstructed view across the East River, which used to be one of Garbo’s favorite spots in the property. Garbo’s niece fondly remembers her great aunt spending hours sitting by the balcony on a green velvet-upholstered armchair, watching the passing boats, as this view would remind her of her native home in Stockholm, Sweden. This was also the spot from where Garbo would host her intimate cocktail hours, which many people were simply desperate to be invited to. Located just off from the living room is the apartment’s private elevator, another one of the property’s top selling points.

Swedish Heritage
As mentioned above, Garbo was born in Sweden, but moved to America when she was 19 to star in an MGM movie. Although she remained in the USA after this, she always spoke of Stockholm fondly, and included many parts of her Swedish heritage in the apartment itself. An example of this is the hand carved pieces that have been placed in among the wood paneling in the living room. These were actually from a Swedish chest, which Garbo dismantled and inserted into the walls herself.

Greta Garbo was a woman who was financially independent, and never had a husband or children, but was still depicted by the public as being confident and feminine. In a way, this made her one of the very first modern independent women, making it no surprise that she still serves as a role model for so many women today.

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