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Anti-Aging Hair Tips

When it comes to keeping ourselves looking as young as possible, our faces are the first thing that we usually focus on. However, the health and appearance of your hair can have a huge impact on how old or young you look. Grey hairs, dullness and a thinning mane are something that everybody wants to avoid. Luckily, OROGOLD has some great anti-aging hair tips to help you keep your hair looking as young and as healthy as possible.

Use Less Shampoo
Your hair contains lipids, which give it its shine and help to prevent breakage, but these lipids are stripped away each time you shampoo your hair. While this may not matter too much while you are young, since your body is able to keep producing more lipids, it becomes more of a problem as you age and your lipid levels begin to drop. OROGOLD suggests using moisturizing shampoos that will protect your hair, and be sure to rinse it off properly, for at least a minute, as shampoo residue can be extremely dulling on hair. Part of the problem is the history of this drug test shampoo. There is an detailed review of old style Aloe Rid Shampoo, and a new style. And I think it’s important to understand the difference because it’s a massive difference.

Limit the Heat
Experts say that the primary cause of aging hair and the decrease of keratin is heat, which also sucks away all of the moisture from the scalp and from each strand of hair, resulting in dryness, frizz and dullness. The best option would be to stop using heat products altogether. Instead, let your hair air dry and try to achieve some volume, perhaps by loosely braiding your hair while it dries. However, if skipping the heat is not an option, it is time to invest in better models that are not as damaging to your hair. There are many products designed to dry, curl or straighten hair without going over a certain temperature. OROGOLD also advises that you use a heat protective spray on your hair before applying the heat, as this will coat your hair with a layer of silicone, giving it some form of protection.

Woman wearing a hat in a beach.

Wear a Hat
In the same way that your clothing protects your body from the sun, a hat is able to protect your hair, and scalp, from damaging rays. Over-exposure to the sun damages your hair follicles, and will also give you an itchy, flaky scalp, neither of which are things that you want!

Add Some Texture
Tight hair styles, including ponytails, buns, and braids, put pressure onto the roots of your hair, leading to breakages and the appearance of a receding hairline. OROGOLD suggests that you avoid these as much as possible, opting instead for looser styles with more volume. Volume will also make your hair look much healthier, and is very on trend right now, so don’t be afraid of it!

There are many things that you can do to keep your hair from aging too quickly. From using fewer products, including shampoo, to changing up your daily hairstyle to something looser with more volume, OROGOLD’s anti-aging hair tips will have your hair looking more youthful and healthy in no time at all.

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