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Apps To Help You Learn A Second Language

Have you ever wanted to learn a second language? Many of us become enamored with the idea of being able to have a long conversation with a traveler in their own language or being able to travel somewhere and surprise everyone by being able to actually speak the local language. In many ways, this idealized idea of what it might be like is a little silly, but it does serve many of us well. Learning a second language can be difficult, but it is actually a highly beneficial skill in a variety of ways. Knowing more than one languages helps you stand out in your career as well as ensuring you have fewer difficulties when traveling in specific countries. Not everyone knows where to start though. Traditionally you’d look for a tutor to help. Times have changed since then though and now there’s plenty of software available to guide you through another language. Some of them even come in convenient app form. Let’s look at some of the best available ones.

This app is an interesting option as it stands somewhat on its own by comparison to some of its peers. It offers a language course patterned learning environment paired with turning learning into a game to a degree. The inclusion of a scoring system combined the potential for sharing scores among a group makes it feel partly like a game and a social activity at the same time. This serves to help add additional motivation for anyone using the app. You can expect further benefits in that it will also regularly test people using it on their knowledge. The app includes a review quiz made up of past lessons whenever you’ve taken an extended break from it to help figure out where you’re at after your break. In this way it helps make the process of learning a language both highly enjoyable and helps ensure a consistent level of skill. It doesn’t necessarily have as broad a selection of languages as some of its peers though.

Rosetta Stone
As one of the more prominent language learning options these days, it makes perfect sense that they wouldn’t entirely neglect the creation of a phone app. The app focuses on bringing all the benefits you’d expect from the product family to the convenience of your phone. The family of programs focuses on incremental progress to help gradually ensure your comfort with a language as well as building up your sense of fluency. The major benefits here are that Rosetta Stone is known for both its quality and its language library. You can learn many more language with this app than you might from others. Additionally, you can use it alongside the normal language learning program that forms the centerpiece of the family and ensure that progress is shared between the two. The combination of known quality and convenience makes it quite appealing.

Woman studying
If the name attached to the product doesn’t matter you, you can easily get plenty out of Babbel. This app, while not necessarily having the same size of library as some of its peers, has plenty of languages available to you that cater to varying levels of fluency. The app allows you to figure out and target any weaknesses in your language skills with particular lessons as its main way of building fluency. You’ll find that there are plenty of beginner lessons in the language library for building basic fluency though. This makes it particularly useful if you’re just looking for a quick way to study a language without necessarily intending the level of commitment that Rosetta Stone might signify. As a bonus, this app can operate whether you’re using your data plan or not by downloading lessons for use in times where you need to keep your data off. This makes the app ideal if you’re looking to brush up on your skills on an international flight.

Learning a second language is a commendable activity. Language, in many ways, define how we think about the world. Second and third languages thereby help us to expand our perspectives on the world at the same time that they can make international travel a little bit easier. So consider trying one of these apps. You never know what you’ll learn in the process of picking up a second language.

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