Are We Ready For Self-Driving Ultra Luxury Cars?

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Are We Ready For Self-Driving Ultra Luxury Cars?

In this day and age, technology is becoming more and more prevalent in our lives. It seems that every time we turn around there is some new device keeping us in touch with our business and social networks. While many of us are grateful for this constant interaction, it does take its toll in a big way on streets and freeways, as more and more of us are driving distracted.  So what can be done to make our streets safer? Is the answer to solving the problems that technology is causing…more technology?  Well, that could very well be the case. Read on to find out more about a future of self-driving cars.

The world has been gearing up for autonomous driving for many years; this according to Don Sherman at Car and Sherman notes that anti-lock brakes and stability control have been mandatory for years. Lots of cars will also sound an alarm, shake the seat, or nudge the steering wheel once a car starts veering out of its lane. Adaptive cruise control that automatically maintains a safe distance from the car ahead of you is also widely available and manufacturers are currently guaranteeing automatic emergency braking to follow suit.

As we look forward into the next 5 years or so, it seems as if autonomous driving will be the norm. Tech Insider notes that BMW is targeting 2021 as the year to debut an all electric self-driving vehicle which can park itself and pick up you when you’re ready. It will also come with lane keeping assist and side collision protection. Mercedes made big rig history by putting a self-driving big rig on the road in October of 2015 and promises to have driverless trucks ready by 2020. Audi will likely follow suit as they put an A7 on the road that drove 550 miles by itself in 2015, but there’s no word on when it will be hitting the market.

Of course, luxury cars aren’t the only ones that are looking into the autonomous technology. Companies like Toyota, Volvo, Nissan, Ford, GM, Honda and Hyundai are also following suit.

But is the world ready for this new wave of driverless technology coming? Well, there is certainly a need for it, paramount to the safety of drivers in this high technology world. However, the Senate isn’t overly eager to create federal laws that will set regulations on driverless cars that would allow them to hit the road.

When Chris Urmson, director of self-driving cars at Google X went to the Senate to urge them to make regulations to enable the use of fully autonomous cars, he was disappointed by their response. California released draft regulations that would require the driver to sit behind the wheel of even fully autonomous cars and require anyone who wanted to operate such a vehicle to undergo special training. Urmson sites that fully autonomous cars have strong public support particularly from the disability community.”

However, robotic experts warned the Senate against acting too soon. Missy Cummings, director of Duke University’s Human and Autonomy laboratory cautions that driverless car experiments have been deficient and warns the government against rushing into “field systems that are not ready for widespread deployment.” Google recently made headlines when its driverless car crashed into a bus in California.


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