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Bake Away The Winter Blues

A lot of us like winter, but not everyone enjoys the cooler time of the year. It brings bad memories or a sense of separation for some while for others it is isolating in other ways. There’s also the small matter that smaller amounts of sunlight and overall shifts in the weather can also make people feel a bit worse than they usually do. The list of things that cause the winter blues is quite long. Fortunately, the list of things you can do to work against it is equally long. There are the usual things such as thinking positive thoughts or looking into a sun lamp, but there also some offbeat, if intuitive, options as well. Baking is actually a potentially wonderful way to help forget your troubles this winter and the best part is that the season demands a lot of that from most of us already. Why does it help though? Let’s take a quick look into the beauty of baking.

It Is Social
Interestingly enough, baking is a social experience in multiple ways. The most common way is that we’re typically baking as part of preparation for an event of some sort. Whatever we’ve baked will be passed around and enjoyed by many people. It is a reassuring and human desire to see that we’ve done something that improves the lives of others. The return on sharing the end results of baking is frequently reward enough for most bakers and a much needed boost to one’s spirits. That isn’t the only way that baking is social though. For many, baking is also part of tradition. We share recipes and techniques with the next generation each year as we prepare things. It helps to bond us to one another and keep people close. After all, sharing the secret recipe your great-grandmother taught you when you were young isn’t just about good cookies…it is about togetherness and bringing someone else into a close circle. The fact that baking is inherently social in most cases makes it a good way to boost your spirits.

It Is Creative
Depression is deeply tied to a lowered sense of self-worth. The feeling simply makes us believe that we “cannot” and that there is no point in doing anything because we aren’t capable. These ideas end up being crippling and making it hard to even get ourselves out of bed if left unchecked. It turns out that baking is an excellent counter to this. Baking requires a certain level of mental activity to get through it. You need to be aware of the ingredients, the order you mix, and any flourishes required to actually make the baked goods. It turns the entire affair into something like a small creative project. We become invested in the baking in a way that can be hard to capture. Properly baking something is a comparatively short turnaround time on a successful project that you can easily know you’ve done correctly. The ability to do it correctly and feel you’ve created something tends to do wonders to keep the winter blues away.

It Is Its Own Reward
Let’s take a moment and think about what baking entails. You’ll be mixing plenty of ingredients together to create a delicious result at the end. That’s appetizing in and of itself, but the best part is the baker’s privilege of getting to test the goods along the entire way and ensure the quality of the ingredients. That lets you sample particularly wonderful dough as well as getting to get in a few nibbles of chocolate here and there with some recipes. This aspect of how it helps is all about how you get to enjoy the actual process. Yes, the creative aspect is important, but the more material aspects such as getting to enjoy the tastes and scents of baking are also important. Smells are particularly good at evoking memories and the right recipe can remind you of beautiful memories that can help give you something extra to protect you from the winter blues. That can prove to be invaluable for anyone feeling isolated as the smells of “home” can fill a place for you.

Baking is a potentially useful way to help avoid the winter blues. It can do this in various ways ranging from purely psychological to ones that are partly an interplay with one’s environment. Regardless of the how, it is something to consider if you find the winter is making you feel a little bit lower. In the end you’ll at least have some delicious baked goods to enjoy.

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