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Beautiful American Quarter Horses

A lot of us search for beauty in the world even if this takes many forms. Travel is popular as a means of seeking this beauty we travel to various exotic locations around the world just to get a glimpse of something more. The rest of us look for this beauty in places other than the landscapes though. Sometimes the animals of the world, especially those we surround ourselves with, are enough to remind us of the potential beauty in nature. American Quarter Horses are not only the most popular breed in the United States, but have proven themselves internationally for their speed, skill, and beauty. If you’ve never spent time around horses, you might want to consider it to get a true understanding of the power and majesty of these animals.

A Brief History
The American Quarter Horse, much like the nation itself, has a myriad of heritages that went into creating it. It was derived from a combination of both European breeds and some of the breeds created by Native Americans after the introduction of the horse. With its varied parentage, the breed ended up establishing its place in the world as a breed both equally capable of working and racing. The “Quarter” in quarter horse actually has little to do with its direct heritage though. It has more to do with the fact that the breed’s popularity increased over time in early America and took off as racing became a particularly prominent past-time. “Quarter” refers to the standard “quarter mile” length of race tracks at the time that breed came to dominate and thus cement its place in racing history.

What Makes A Horse
Breed standards for American Quarter Horses has shifted over the years, but there have always been defining traits. This breed, in particular, has a stockier build for a horse that involves being of an overall smaller size than other breeds and somewhat shorter with powerful musculature. The muscles of the breed tend to be fairly obvious and are emphasized by the broader chest. Specific attention is paid to the legs of the breed where their potential power and speed is the most obvious. Some specialized forms of the breed do exist that alter the standard appearance of the American Quarter horse depending on the intended purpose of the horse. Color isn’t a big issue with American Quarter horses as most colors exist within the breed. As a result, the breed is popular in various areas of life due to the sheer flexibility.

Where They Are
American Quarter horses are fairly ubiquitous when it comes to horse breeds. Their versatility makes them particularly popular in almost all forms of competition. Rodeo and racing are two of the sports they are most commonly involved in. That said there are also plenty used in shows and equestrian events as well to ensure that no one doubts the capacity of the breed. As firm working horses, they still get used around ranches and other forms of professional riding to this day. Their popularity also ensures that most of the time if you were introduced to horseback riding in the United States, then you were probably riding a quarter horse. These beautiful and powerful horses are relatively easy to find as there are plenty of breeders for all forms the breed takes. This means you can get one if you want to take up riding simply as a recreational hobby or for any other reason.

American Quarter Horses, in many ways, are the quintessential American horse breed. They have a scattered heritage that gives them great strength and versatility. There is very little the quarter horse can’t learn to do given the appropriate amount of time. If you ever get the chance, be sure to appreciate the breed’s power and beauty for yourself at the track or ranch of your choice.

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