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Best Cocktail and Alcohol Trends This Summer

We don’t often think about it, but every industry is in a constant flux as they try to create better products or appeal to shifting tastes. The bar and the alcoholic beverage industry in general often feel immune to these forces as it seems like we can always find our favorites lurking on the shelves somewhere. Our perception of the seeming immutability of these industries is simply because we’re often outside of the reach of most of the major changes. Bartenders and companies aren’t quite so fortunate. They have to keep an eye open for what people are likely to be wanting each year and this one is no different. There are some interesting trends happening right now that are shifting along with how most of us approach these areas of our lives. Let’s take a closer look at some of the trends that are likely to become particularly evident this summer if one is keeping an ear out for them.

Local Is Best
There’s already been a stranding trend towards favoring things like craft beers and other specialized brews. This year that trend is shifting and taking a lot of the focus of smaller distilleries and other producers along with it. People are valuing locally created spirits over larger names and highly interested in trying things created nearby. It provides a sense of place to the drink that is often lacking in larger scale brands. This local identity helps to make the drink all the more appealing these days. As a result, you can likely expect a distinct uptick in the availability of local drinks this year. It will provide you with a window into the local spirit in more ways than one. This focus does likely mean that you’ll also seem some drinks that are more regional become a little less available as they focus on their home areas over a wider distribution. It remains to be seen how much this will affect things as a whole.

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As far as surprising trends go, the shift towards people drinking more and more tequila is changing what cocktails are popular. Tequila remains a highly popular drink in various forms, but the current popularity is causing more interest to be paid towards high quality sipping tequilas. People are learning to appreciate the spirit for its overall flavor by comparison to using it as a side for another drink. This in turn is causing a large amount of experimentation with the inclusion of tequila in various cocktails. People are creating all new ones using the drink, but at the same time they’re figuring out where tequila can substitute for another spirit in more traditional cocktails. You can expect to see some new options available as a result. The potential for a new twist on an old favorite this summer is certainly appealing to a lot of people.

Spirit of Health
People are continually looking for ways to make the unhealthy into something healthy. There’s no denying that we’re drinking something poisonous to our bodies when we’re downing alcohol, but it is also hard to dispute that the taste of such drinks remains delightful. Brands are pushing towards finding ways to improve upon their spirits to actually make them a little healthier or offering options to support a wider variety of consumers. This can mean changing recipes to make them a bit less sugary to finding better and more locally sourced ways to get a particular flavor. As a result, this will likely flow into the local drinks trend as different people attempt to flavor their drinks with locally sourced goods. There are some “healthy” spirits being advertised from particular companies, but at the moment the claims don’t hold up against the evidence. While you may see more “improved” drinks during the summer, remember that the goal is having a drink that leaves you feeling good rather than necessarily one that leaves you healthier.

These trends are just the current ones that will be affecting summer. There are others and some people will dispute particular aspects of their trends. As with all trends, these are in a constant state of flux that will only be easy to pin down once they begin to calm as the year passes. The one thing we can be sure of is that the summer is sure to be a delightful time for anyone looking to try out something new.

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