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Best Nightlife in Australia

Travel typically means you want to experience something more in the world than what is waiting right outside your own front door. Each place around the world has its own local flavor. The spirit of the city shapes how people interact with it and the particular ways they all decide to unwind. As a result, the nightlife in each city takes on its own distinct characteristics. Sometimes the best way to get to know a city is by stepping out into the brightly lit night and seeing what it has to offer. Not all cities are created equally though. OROGOLD has put together a quick guide to some of the cities most likely to provide you with an interesting nightlife the next time you’re in Australia. Most of the wildlife may bite, but that has yet to discourage Australians.

Sometimes you just don’t want to stop moving and the place to be in that case is Melbourne. The city does its best to cater to a myriad of tastes throughout its nightlife. Quiet to rowdy, there are plenty of places to find a drink and enjoy your favorite drink. Melbourne is especially proud of its selection of clubs that ensure there’s always somewhere to go if you’re in the mood for music whether you want to dance or not. The reverse of the potential frantic energy also exists in Melbourne. Plenty of quiet restaurants and cafes remain open long into the night. These offer you a way to drift away from the noise and the spectacle to wind down with a filling meal to round out a festive night.

The sights and sounds of Sydney draw people from all over the world. It doesn’t take much to see some of the famous locations while you’re here, but some of them you might enjoy more at night. Taking in a show at the Sydney Opera House is certainly a must, but an evening performance will allow you to see the beauty of the building elegantly lit at night. This is far from the only thing to do in Sydney at night though. The arts are paired with entertainment in the city and as a result, you can find a wide selection of restaurants available throughout the city. They help showcase food from across the country and world in an eclectic mix it is hard to find elsewhere. OROGOLD particularly recommends that you take the time to make friends while you’re in the city though. Sometimes the best places to get a true feeling for the nightlife are with the locals looking to enjoy a night of food and drink among friends on the beach.

There’s no getting around the fact that Perth isn’t always the first place that comes to mind for a nightlife for most people. However, it is one of Australia’s largest cities and still has one regardless of the fact that some people take a dismissive tone occasionally. It doesn’t have the hectic pace of Melbourne or the arts of Sydney, but Perth still manages to hold its own. Various places are open for you to enjoy drinks or a meal in most hours of the day. The fact that the sun tends to linger longer over Perth than in most other cities in Australia just means your nightlife might sometimes feel a bit more like a late, late afternoon. That does make it an opportune place to take advantage of open air bars and restaurants though. Live music also has a place in Perth and as a result, various venues exists to cater to tastes around the city. Just don’t forget to stop by the beach while you’re here either as there are some lovely establishments for you to while away the fading night light in.

Australia’s cities are an interesting mix of energy and eclectic. The three OROGOLD has chosen to highlight will offer their particular flavors to all comers, but you might enjoy one more than the rest. Don’t despair if your trip is to a city with a dominant air that isn’t to your taste though. Every rule has exceptions and all you’ll need to do is ask a local to find somewhere that matches the tempo of your life in any city.

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