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Best Places to Sip Cognac

In the world of spirits, cognac is often regarded as one of the finest drinks that you can indulge in. It is brandy that has been further distilled to bring out more complexity to the flavor of an already distilled drink. The subtle texture to the flavor is paired with a pleasant and warm “bite” that warms the body as the alcohol spreads. Cognac is very particular in that it must use particular ingredients and aging processes that more or less mandate that the drink must be made in a particular region of France. This truly elegant drink offers something for everyone and finding a good glass of it sometimes seems to be a difficult proposition. Fortunately, Las Vegas has plenty of cognac bars designed to offer access to the breadth of the drink and an appropriate atmosphere to enjoy it in.

Guy Savoy Cognac Lounge
Located just off of one of the best restaurants in Caesar’s Palace, the Guy Savoy Cognac Lounge exists to cultivate a particular atmosphere. The lounge caters exclusively to those with a taste for cognac whether you’re finishing off the evening or just beginning. They boast an impressive list of cognacs to ensure there’s something for every palate. It can be a bit overwhelming if you’re not used to seeing so many available to choose from at a single time. Fortunately, the staff are more than happy to help guests to the lounge find a drink to match their mood and needs. The atmosphere is such that you’re allowed to casually sip and enjoy the full body of the drink without interruption. If you’re really feeling the drink after a stop in the lounge, the Guy Savoy certainly won’t mind if you opt to have a bite to eat afterwards either.

Andre’s Cigar and Cognac Lounge
High society has a few trappings that make it feel apart from everything. Fine cigars are one of those and Andre’s combines a love of cigars and cognac into one location. It caters to a particular kind of clientele who enjoy an easy sense of luxury. The combination of primary draws means it helps everyone inside to pass the time as a slow, relaxed pace. Everyone there is meant to feel like someone important for the duration of their stay whether they’re indulging one vice or two. There is more than cognac on the menu though in case you feel like having something else after you’ve leisurely sipped your way through your glass of spirits. It is in keeping with the refined “live a little” experience the lounge tries its best to foster.

Club Privé
If you’re looking for one of the most refined atmospheres possible, then look no further than Club Privé. This lounge combines Vegas’ signature gaming with only the best spirits in the world. The goal is to ensure those in the lounge realize how rare a place them find themselves. One of the signatures of Club Privé is to ensure each guest has a full understanding of the drink they order so that they can taste the full richness of the flavors involved. Additionally, the minds behind it maintain a relatively tight list of drinks allowed to make it to the menu to maintain the atmosphere. Club Privé is a microcosm of utter elegance in a glass preserved by the Bellagio. So don’t hesitate to test the atmosphere if you want a true experience to go along with your drink.

As far as drinks go, cognac is difficult to beat in terms of quality and complexity. The drink is beloved the world over and it sometimes seems difficult to find any of true quality. You won’t have that problem at any of these Vegas locations. The problem will be trying to isolate which of the high-quality spirits you most want to try that evening. Just remember not to overindulge while at any of these places, as too much alcohol can hurt your skin.

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