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Best Vintage Locations for Your Summer Wedding

Planning a wedding takes a lot of effort. You’ve got to juggle all the aspects of it in the time leading up to the wedding ranging from who gets to sit where to avoid problems, the foods to be served, the outfits some people will wear, and the list just keeps going on. It is enough to make one a little mad in the face of it. This isn’t even touching on the necessity of finding a good location to have the wedding itself at and being sure everything will be fine. Summer weddings, in particular, can be difficult to find a good place because of the weather, one way or another, often feels like a constant worry. We all typically want something special out of a wedding location too. A little bit of history goes a long way towards creating a beautiful atmosphere though and as a result, we’ve got a few suggestions for potential vintage locations for a summer wedding.

Dunton Hot Springs Resort, Colorado
While this place leans towards rustic, the overall sense of the place remains in keeping for anyone seeking an older atmosphere for their wedding. The location sets quite the impression with a distinctly gorgeous alpine valley setting that promises plenty of cool air and shade regardless of the time of year. Dunton Hot Springs itself is interesting in the fact that it is technically a sort of restoration of a ghost town that seeks to maintain the air of the buildings, but has drastically overhauled the interiors to ensure guests have plenty of luxury to enjoy. They have plenty of tasteful areas for holding a wedding as well as well as a special location to help make the most of the occasion. Anyone staying there after the wedding gets to enjoy either a luxury log cabin for their stay or glamping by the river. Both options and the location are sure to make everything memorable. Not everyone wants to spend their wedding among alpine greenery though.

Hacienda del Sol, Arizona
The heat and beauty of the desert can make for an excellent summer wedding. Admittedly, you might want to favor a wedding at night to ensure everyone stays cool. The Hacienda del Sol resort is found in Tucson, Arizona and provides a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. The location places a distinct emphasis on the heritage of the Southwest in its architectural design. Part of this is due to the fact that the resort is a restored, historical ranch that may have changed over the years, but still has a clear image of what it was in the past and is today. The resort offers three separate locations for people to hold weddings on sight. These offer access to various amenities while providing a way to ensure everyone is still at their best even in the summer heat. This location draws on the distinctly austere beauty of the region as well as the haunting beauty of abode to provide a truly wonderful place for a wedding. Sometimes you want something a little more modern in taste though.

Mill City Museum, Minnesota
An industrial backdrop isn’t always what many people would find beautiful, but it offers a distinctly vintage air that is hard to get anywhere else. The Mill City Museum, true to its name, typically operates as a museum day-to-day, but they have a specialized space meant for being rented out for weddings. It provides a distinct setting for a wedding. The open air venue ensures there is plenty of cooler Minnesota air to go around during the summer. Mill City Museum has refurbished the open air area with seating, reinforcement, and an appropriate stage area for weddings and other events while trying to preserve the historical walls of the setting. This creates beautiful space that mixes both the modern and the vintage to create somewhere unique. Other rooms are available for rent within the main building that maintain the feeling of the space while providing expanded options for the venue for those who wish to move inside after the big event.

Finding a good vintage location for a summer wedding can provide you with the perfect air of beauty that you’ve been looking for the big day. Not every bit of beauty is obvious though. That’s why it is a choice between you and your loved ones. The right space will become just as much a part of you on the wedding day and provide you with plenty of memories long into the future.

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