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Biggest Budget Films of All Time

Entertainment is a highly expensive industry. Various sources of it compete constantly to see who can do the next big thing bigger, better, and more spectacular than the last. Hollywood, in particular, takes this to huge lengths with sprawling budgets for its summer blockbusters films. These have dominated the film industry for decades, but few people are ever aware of exactly how high the spending gets. OROGOLD has taken a look and can assure you that Hollywood is spending more than it ever has before. The last decade has seen some of the highest budget films ever created. There are a few exceptions to the rule and we’ll take a brief glimpse at some of the movies with the highest budgets.

Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

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Pirates of the Caribbean (Franchise)
The studio might not have foreseen it at the time, but the ‘Pirates’ franchise as a whole has gone on to become a series of films that people continue to adore. The first film came out in 2003 to massive success, but didn’t have the largest budget. This started with its sequel, Dead Man’s Chest, in 2006 and continued one for each successive sequel. Each one has become more expensive than the last as the spectacle grows in the celluloid legend of Captain Jack Sparrow. The most recent movie in the franchise, On Stranger Tides, came out in 2011 and currently rests at the top estimates for budgets spent on a single film. The total price came in around the equivalent $397 million dollars for a single film. A lot of the budget clearly went to effects, but you can be sure every returning star also claimed their part of the sum as payment for keeping the swashbuckling franchise alive.

A huge budget doesn’t always mean that the film is going to be a success. Waterworld had a budget of what would today be around $266 million dollars and was released in 1995 to great expectations. It managed to be a disappointment on almost every front. The film received a large amount of marketing before it was released that made it out to be the second coming of science fiction movies. Critics struggled to find anything positive to say about the film, and it became one of the most infamous critical flops in film history. It ultimately did fairly well at recovering its budget despite this, but the film remains infamous. Waterworld now survives mainly as a cult film that people watch to see what went wrong.

Captain America from the Avengers


Avengers: Age of Ultron
Joss Whedon and his team are the driving force behind the Marvel cinematic universe. Year after year they bring comics books to life on the silver screen for everyone whether they were originally a comic book fan or not. This culminated earlier in the year with all of their stories coming together into another large-scale blockbuster starring the Avengers. Creating a world full of living gods, power armor, and a rogue A.I. didn’t come cheap though. At the equivalent of $279 million dollars, the film was certainly one of the most expensive Marvel-based movies (only beaten by Spider Man 3) and one of the largest budgets in Hollywood. Whedon was a bit more frugal than the last two Pirates sequels, but Whedon’s franchise shows no sign of slowing down. The next time we see the Avengers may see the budget reaching even close towards the top spots.

Big budget films aren’t going away. These are simply some more recent or notable failures and successes with a big budget. Hollywood’s budgets are going to keep climbing. It remains to be seen if they’ll give the world more films like the Pirates and Marvel franchises or if a larger budget means there will be more and more Waterworlds waiting to happen. OROGOLD hopes that even if there are spectacular failures to come on the big screen that at least they’ll keep being entertaining failures.

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