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Bugatti Adventures At Sea

Some names stand out among others when you hear them spoken. Bugatti is one that has this sort of power. Most of the time it conjures to mind the idea of an open road with air rushing through one’s hair. Their high performance cars have turned heads across multiple generations and made their mark on motorsport. It isn’t exactly the name you’d expect to hear in association with a yacht beyond perhaps someone transporting their Bugatti on their yacht. That’s all set to change as the people responsible for the automobile are cooperating with another company to bring their distinct sense of luxury and power to the high seas. The goal is to create a small, exclusive run of two persons yachts that offer all one would expect from the Bugatti name alongside all the luxury one could want for traveling the open waters. The result is catching many people’s attention even before the yacht has actually finish production.

Aesthetic Glory
One of the touchstones for the design being shown off is that it preserves the Bugatti image despite the yacht being meant for the water. A sleek, two-toned exterior provides an ultramodern look from the outside in the currently revealed images. This provides a distinctly pleasing visual experience, but the exterior is far from the only concern for the team behind the yacht. Most of the interior furnishings are intended to be equally beautiful. Currently the interior is already integrating luxurious woods and leathers to give an instant sense of elegance to its surroundings. They have no intention of causing excess weight though as carbon fiber construction is part of the overall intention to ensure a strong vehicle that can still handle what nature and you throw at it. Visual luxury is all well and good, but many will want to know what the yacht actually has to offer. It doesn’t disappoint.

Luxury Amenities
As you’d expect from a yacht, the current design offers all the luxury two people could want with a little extra for a few friends you might be taking along with you. The central focus is one there being two people on the yacht at any given time though. A master bedroom offers a large, luxurious bed with plenty of space for you and your guest to have a relaxing night’s sleep wherever you choose to dock or anchor. This is complemented by a living room area that gives you space enough to stretch your legs while enjoying the couch as well as other furniture. For those of us who like the sun, there is an open air deck that lets you enjoy the sun and spray in equal measure. An integrated bar means you’ll be ready to enjoy your favorite drinks while feeling sure they’re secure. You can also expect a jacuzzi for relaxing if you’re not certain about the open waters. All of this together means you get all you’d expect from a luxury yacht. It is simply on a smaller scale.

Integrated Entertainment
Bugatti isn’t sacrificing any of its heritage if you take a closer look in the so-called “control center” of the yacht. It maintains the ultramodern aesthetic while still remaining easily controlled by the driver. It is expected to provide all you need to get where you’re going with minimal fuss. This is what you’d expect from a performance vehicle already, but you also get another benefit as well: entertainment. The center is expected to help centralize various digital entertainment options on-board for easy access. This should help ensure it is easy enough for you and a few friends to go out for an afternoon while enjoying the trip in the style to which you’re accustomed. There is no clear word yet on what all the produced models of the yacht will offer, but it is safe to expect the standard luxury amenities one might expect and, with almost a year to go until launch, you can likely expect more detailed specifications later.

The yacht’s official name, Niniette 66, provides a glimpse at the sense of luxury and glamour it tries to provide in every other sense. It also has a quiet warning. The company only intends to produce 66 of this vehicle ever and as a result that means you might want to stay aware or start contacting people if you might want one. The yacht won’t be available until 2018, but that doesn’t have to stop you from making plans.

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