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Celebrity-Inspired Jewelry

Staying on top of trends means keeping an eye out for what interests you. Many of us who enjoy looking as fashionable as we can end up looking towards Fashion Week for guidance with the coming seasons so that we know how to stay ahead and how to innovate with our own appearance. For many of us this means watching the outfits. Not all designers center a look based around a single outfit though. This year we’ve seen a lot of options that are defined more by the jewelry worn with the outfit than the outfit itself. It hasn’t taken very long for celebrities to notice this shift towards jewelry being the focal point of outfits. Plenty of them have been sporting their own distinct looks based on this trend. We’ve noticed them emphasizing a few particular trends. Let’s take a closer look so that we can all learn accessorize with the best of them.

Notable Necklaces
One big trend we’ve noticed are the tendency for necklaces and pendants to take center stage. In particular, oversized or overlong necklaces have been all the rage. This is definitely due to the design houses as we saw this trend on display during Fashion week back in winter. Interestingly enough, celebrities are toying with the trend at the moment.

Woman with chunky necklace

The prevailing trend from Fashion Week was “chunky” when it came to pendants, but slowly the trend is changing with each month. One big change has been long necklaces have kept getting longer to the point that the chain begins somewhere down the back rather than around the neck. Some celebrities have still been sticking to more traditional looks and maintaining them in spite of this trend though. Stand-bys such as a pearl necklace and tasteful choker remain on-trend if not as prominent. Particularly chunky pendants showing off large gems are still the prevailing theme despite this tweaks to the overall trend.

Brilliant Bracelets
Some of the chunky pendant trend has crossed over into bracelets this year. These accessories remain a highly popular accent among celebrities and others. Some of the most stylish and notable ones this year have been following the pendant trend though. These thicker bracelets lovingly show off larger gems to catch the light and provide a distinct visual center. It is worth noting that, beneath the gems, the bracelets themselves are frequently quite simple and focus largely on providing the structure for the truly eye-catching parts. Solid bands of gold or similar materials backing a single prominent gem are particular popular as they offer a good visual anchor for an outfit. This is a relatively easy trend to work with and a bracelet helps to avoid some of the awkwardness of the longer chains on necklaces and pendants. You do still have other options for following celebrities in making the most of jewelry though.

Retro look

The Retro Look
One larger trend that encompasses the rest is that celebrities and designers appear to be leaning towards retro designs. This tend to vary depending on the source, but 1970s jewelry designs in particular appear to be experiencing a return to popularity. We’re seeing this in most forms of jewelry. People are particularly fond of older style earrings, but the pendants and necklaces are surfacing as well. This plays well off of the overall trend towards brilliantly colored gems. It makes it a great time to look into jewelry you may have inherited or picked up from a secondhand store while looking for hidden gems. Look for things that work with your style though rather than just wearing retro jewelry. Remember that they must complement the overall look if they are to take the center. This idea will serve you as well as it does various celebrities. Admittedly, this may take some experimentation to figure out how best to match things to you.

Finding the right bits of jewelry can make any look. Celebrities use this trick regularly by complementing good outfits with beautiful accessorizing. We’ve touched on a few of the larger trends evident right now in celebrity fashion. They’ve tweaked a few things from the ideas of designers, but in general you can still see some of the same trends present at Fashion Week. Regardless of their origin, these trends are just waiting for you to put them to good use.

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