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Changing Faces

Sometimes you just feel like a change. For most people, this means getting on a plane and traveling somewhere new. It can be exciting, enlightening, and introduce you to all new aspects of the world that you had previously missed. Unfortunately, travel doesn’t help much when it isn’t the world that feels a little lackluster. Sometimes it is something about our own appearance that can trigger the feeling. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to cosmetically alter one’s appearance in subtle ways that can help revitalize your appearance. These take a number of different forms. Some people advocate for procedures that utterly change one’s appearance, but sometimes a subtle touch can be all it takes to make you feel like a new you. There are a few particular common options that people tend to turn to for just such a thing.

Lip Augmentation
The fullness of the lips does a lot to help define a face. It provides support to your smile, adds extra emphasis to particular expressions, and it even just looks healthier. Thin, tightly held lips are typically associated with age and irritation. Neither are the most sought after traits by most people. Lip augmentation involves the injection of a filler substance into the area to boost the appearance of the lips in a number of ways. Most people aim simply to make their lips appear fuller or fix a “faulty” shape. These are relatively easy and typically a procedure is spaced out over time to provide a natural change in the fact with a slow build to the desired appearance. This lets you skin heal between injections and ensures you have input the entire way.

Eyebrow tattoo

Eyebrow Tattoos
Brow pencils and plucking are the traditional staples of anyone looking to keep their eyebrows looking kept. This has changed in recent years with a number of people opting to entirely shave or remove the eyebrows permanently in exchange for eyebrow tattoos. These offer a way to have perfect brows without having to put in any amount of work for a while. Those wishing to try this technique probably want to stick to temporary methods of hair removal. Most professionals offering the service will walk you through the ones they typically use before tattooing the brows themselves. They utilize your own brows to get the best idea for colors and shapes that will complement your features well. Afterwards, they tattoo the eyebrows in place to provide you with a semi-permanent option to avoid all the prep your might otherwise need. Eyebrow tattoos can last for up to a year before needing to be refreshed or done again depending on the individual service.

Ear Surgery
Sometimes a feature just doesn’t look right in the mirror no matter what you do. For some people, this is something that can seem off about their ears. Proportions vary from person to person, but there is a general ratio of ear size to head size that looks pleasing to the eye. Cosmetic ear surgery exists to try and help people reach this ideal if their natural ears aren’t quite what they want in life. The procedures are also useful for correcting the results of an injury or working to find a small, but dramatic way to alter how one appears. The best results are achieved by engaging in detailed conversation about your options with a cosmetic surgeon to find out what can be done to help you feel more yourself.

Travel is all well and good, but changing your own face in a subtle way can have a dramatic effect. Various minor options exist that can make a big change towards how you’re seen by the world around you and yourself. All it takes is a little commitment to see what good the change can do for you. Those wishing to try any of these might want to start with lip augmentation or eyebrow tattoos as those are the somewhat less permanent options available with the option to renew a procedure to maintain the look.

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