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Choosing A Perfume That Suits Your Personality

Perfume is just another aspect of our beauty preparations that we can either use or leave behind as we see fit. The right scent can do a lot for a look though. Scents help to magnify our presences and make solid impressions that are hard to ignore. Contrary to popular belief though, you can’t simply apply any particular scent to complement a look. Perfumes are about finding the appropriate scent for you. After all, their purpose is to enhance your presence rather than the presence of someone else. This involves figuring out what scents do suit you. There are different ways to assemble this kind of fragrance profile. Some people favor a questionnaire, but in many ways all it takes is a little self-awareness to ensure that you’re conveying what you want with a scent. Let’s look into the factors to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a perfume.

Pick Something You Like
Strangely enough, this point needs to be stressed for many people. We need to actually be able to enjoy the scent we’re putting on ourselves as it is going to be there a while. Wearing a scent you don’t like will go against who you are and clash with your presence if you’re not careful. The general rule is to focus on the kinds of scents that you like and use those to narrow your fragrance selections. After all, delicate florals are different from spiced or citrus-based fragrances. The best part about fragrances are that they are combinations of various scents in most cases. The top, middle, and base notes all harmonize to create an overall fragrance. You should be able to smell the notes that you like amid the scent, but the key is the greater scent. Ideally, most of us should like at least two of the notes in our perfumes to make the fragrance appealing.

Potency Is Important
All perfumes come in varying levels of potency. This is important to remember when selecting a fragrance as you want to make sure that you’re picking one that will meet your needs. Lower concentration perfumes are good for things such as brief events where you don’t expect to spend more than a couple of hours involved in the event before retiring for the evening. Higher concentrations, by contrast, are good for fragrances that last all day without any maintenance. The levels of perfume vary between these two levels of potency with roughly three to four levels in total depending on who you ask. As a general rule, you’ll probably want to favor subtler fragrances when dealing with higher concentration perfumes to ensure that they are not overpowering despite how long they last. Lower concentration perfumes with distinct scents are good for brief and potent impressions without needing to worry about being stuck with the lingering scent all day.

When In Doubt…
You can always ask a professional if you’re uncertain on how to approach a perfume when looking for one. Most service personnel will have a working knowledge of the interplay between scents and potency when it comes to perfume. They can help you work towards finding a suitable fragrance providing you’re able to give them consistent feedback on the kind of scents that you enjoy. This can take a little time though as there are many scents available at any given time. Patience is key when asking someone to help you figure out a suitable perfume for you. It is important to note that many professionals do have broad groupings of scents they are felt suitable for particular personalities or time. Subtle floral scents, for instance, are frequently daytime fragrances while fruity scents tend to be seen as more playful and oriented towards the night. Working within scent groups and discussing the impression you want to set will help you find the perfect scent easily.

There is a lot to consider when trying to pick the perfect fragrance for your personality. You want to smell like something you find appealing, yes, but you’ll also want to figure out how long you want the fragrance to last and how prominent particular scents are in each fragrance. It can be a bewildering world if you’re first stepping into it to find the perfect perfume for your personality. Fortunately, you can always ask someone to help you find the right fragrance and you’ll leave smelling beautifully like yourself.

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