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Cleopatra’s Beauty Secrets

Striving to look and feel young for as long as possible is something most of us attempt to do. In doing this, we look for tips wherever we can find them. This ranges from the ultra modern approaches of customized plans to looking back to what worked in the past. The latter one even goes back beyond civilization when it comes to health as an entire specialization in medicine has risen out of studying what the body needs based on how it evolved. Beauty doesn’t necessarily go that far back though. It isn’t afraid to borrow tricks from people famous for their beauty in the past though. Cleopatra’s supposed beauty is so great that it is attested to from various sources and even helped provide the basis for a famous play. Keeping herself beautiful naturally required various tricks of the day to ensure she met her own standards. Fortunately, some of them have survived.

Embrace the Natural
There’s something to be said for the various engineered products that we use to maintain our appearances today, but the Egyptians knew their own set of tricks. Before you think that they must necessarily be less complex, let us assure you that some of these tricks keep being used today. One beauty secret frequently attributed to Cleopatra is that she bathed in milk and honey. This would create a lightly acidic, hydrating, and antimicrobial bath that would certainly help the skin. There are products on the market today that use this same combination of properties to aid the skin. Egyptians, including Cleopatra, were also fond of utilizing natural oils. Castor and sesame oils were particularly valued for their ability to help hydrate the skin and keep it youthful. Some say that Cleopatra went an extra mile and wore a golden mask over her face each nice to help protect her beauty while a mask of oils and other ingredients preserved her appearance.

Treat Your Body Right
Cleopatra also took the time to ensure she treated herself right. Most people are acquainted with the idea of healing springs and hot springs around the world. These had a place for the Egyptians as well, but they were far more likely to enjoy taking a bath in the Dead Sea. One area by the Dead Sea even claims to be an area that Cleopatra had built up for her own use when visiting. The mineral content of the waters is capable of soothing various skin conditions and sometimes even nourishing the skin deeper than that. This leads to a renewed health and natural beauty for the skin. Don’t be fooled by simply ordering Dead Sea salts though. Cleopatra went to the real Dead Sea and you will need to too if you want to make the most of this secret. The waters there are absolutely full of minerals in a way that is hard to replicate anywhere else.

Be Educated and Confident
Amusingly, despite being known for her great beauty, Cleopatra certainly would not have met modern beauty standards. Writings even seem to indicate there was actually nothing that made her stand out in her physical appearance. Cleopatra’s beauty was often written of in the context of her personal bearing and confidence. She was fully present in a room in a time when a leader being a powerful woman would have been considered strange. On top of this, she was educated at least as well as her male peers from abroad. It made her a captivating and powerful woman that no one could doubt had a place in halls of power. That may well be the true secret to Cleopatra’s beauty. In a world that would otherwise ignore her, she made certain she could not be ignored.

Cleopatra’s legendary beauty, whatever its source, remains talked of to this day and continues to inspire people. They reach for her secrets and admire things attributed to her. After a certain time, the truth almost matters less than the legend. That legend is where Cleopatra will continue to live on forever. All we can do is hope to touch it a little in passing to learn something we can use to improve our own beauty and confidence.

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