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Opinions on makeup vary depending on who you ask. Some see it as a symbol of an enforced standard of beauty, but others see it as a means to reveal themselves the world. OROGOLD likes to take a more moderate approach. Makeup is a lovely thing to add to any routine and can easily be something we do for ourselves that allows us to enjoy our own company. The many varieties of makeup all have their own tricks to learn and use effectively. Concealer is no different in this respect, but its ready availability and flexibility mean that you’ve probably found yourself reaching for it more than other makeup products. With that in mind, we’ve assembled a quick few tips that you might not know about how to effectively use concealer.

A Little Prep Goes A Long Way
Concealer is particularly useful for highlighting certain areas of your face. Most people learn this quickly after they’ve stepped beyond using it as spot cover, but people don’t always know is that this applies to all of your skin. Your lips, in particular, are good candidates for using concealer in a novel fashion. One of the most basic ways you can do this is by using a matching tone of concealer and appropriate brush to apply a fine line around your lips and carefully blending. If you combine this with the right lipstick or gloss, it helps make your lips stand out. Similarly, you can cover your lips in a light concealer and apply over it to boost the color. Some beauty enthusiasts recommend sticking to applying a gloss or balm over your lips them to maintain the natural makeup look that is currently popular.

Stuck On You
We’ve all had experiences with flaking powders or ones that don’t mesh and layer correctly. Eyeshadow is a common culprit in this area, and concealer actually makes for a relatively quick and easy primer. Simply use a shade that blends well with your natural tone and then apply your eyeshadow over it to keep it looking fresh throughout the day. You can also use it to highlight and eye out your eyebrows as it makes for a decent base when using brow powders as well. OROGOLD would like to note that these applications do favor having a decent set of brushes for careful application. You might be able to get be applying the concealer to your eyelid with a finger, but this could stretch the skin if you’re not careful.

Time Means Nothing
Most makeup suffers when facing the passing of the day. Your skin continues to produce oil and the environment can wear it down. Concealer is particularly susceptible to this if you’ve used it in areas of the skin that frequently move. Most people experience difficulty in maintaining concealer under their eyes. It eventually begins to give way to oil and sweat and stays a bit crinkled. Fortunately, you can work against this and make the concealer withstand the rigors of the day by helping dry and set it to a degree. After applying concealer, try applying a generous amount of invisible powder on it and making a cup of tea. When you’re done making your tea, applying a skin tone match powder over the concealer and invisible powder to blend. This will help set the concealer by drying it out some and the infusion of powder will help fight off the effects of sweat and oil as the day passes.

Concealer is a truly flexible tool in anyone’s makeup bag. All you need is a little prep and know-how to erase the small flaws that life seems eager to throw in everyone’s way. OROGOLD hopes that these tips give you a bit more insight into ways you can use your concealer beyond hiding the start of a breakout. With the tips, you should be able to look more you than you thought possible.

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