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Finding the right foundation can be an exercise in frustration. There are typically very set tones that each have their own distinct shade between pale and dark. People are generally more complex than the tones that are available though. We end up blending different tones to try to make the appropriate color for our own skin, but wouldn’t it be nice if the foundation came to you in the right color? The custom blended foundation is a new beauty trend that seems to hold promise for just that. Those tired of being eternally frustrated can readily find more and more companies opening up that try to offer you just that. It can be a whole lot more than just an appropriate coloration though if you’re willing to let it.

How Does It Work?
Most companies offering custom blended foundation tend to favor you going to a store location for a consultation. This is to have access to equipment that can gather information about your skin with which to mix the perfect foundation. The goal of most of these companies is to help people fully embrace their natural skin tone instead of the “best match” approach of current foundations. They do this by matching appropriate cool and warm tones alongside various other factors to provide you an almost perfect match. Some companies don’t utilize equipment though and operate from a purely digital storefront. They work with their customers based on photographs and consultation to try and create the perfect foundation. Ultimately, you’ll want to decide what approach fits your desires the best and find the appropriate company. Both liquid and powder foundations are typically available from the companies too.

The Works
As highlighted above, color is only one goal of these companies. A perfect or as close to perfect as possible match in color is ideal, but you can also talk to the company representatives about other aspects you want out of your foundation. “Nude” or matte are among the most basic of the extra options you can expect. Some of them work on providing even more detailed options than those. You can work to design foundations meant for specific times of the day too. This quite literally allows women to ensure they have a custom foundation for both day and night to account for the variation in light levels. You can look your best no matter the lighting if you’re willing to take the time to discuss things with a representative. This alone reduces the amount of extra makeup we often consider to help account for lightning most of the time.

…And a Little Extra
You can also talk to representatives about making the foundation for your specific skin type. Normal, oily, and dry skins each get the most from different foundation formulations. Picking the right one allows it to spread easier and avoid causing any skin issues. A custom blended foundation offers yet another benefit this way by trying to help improve how well foundation matches for you. They don’t stop there either. Other options included in some companies involve adding fortifying ingredients to the product so they nourish your skin on application. You can have them make a foundation with SPF to provide sun protection without needing another product too. The number of combinations some of the companies offer is mind boggling, but the customization seems like it shall be the future of beauty.

Custom blended foundations are a rising factor in the world of beauty. They offer the kind of specificity and support that can help to blend the worlds of skincare and beauty together. In truth, this may be the solution that allows those of us with sensitive skin to make full use of foundation without needing to be as careful about it to avoid breakouts. You may want to check out some of the custom blended foundation companies to test this for yourself. Maybe you’ll finally be able to make the one foundation you always wished existed.

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