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Decolletage Rejuvenation Treatments

Age begins to show on us in a variety of ways over time. The most familiar ones are the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the face. We know why this happens. The gradual loss of collagen and moisture means that the skin can’t maintain the plump, youthful look it once had. There is plenty we can do to delay the problems and allow ourselves to age gracefully though. It is reassuring to be able to help maintain our looks as we age, but it starts creeping in around other places as well. The decolletage, or neckline, is one of those areas that is more likely to be noticed. It is just below our faces and can be a quick giveaway if we haven’t taken the time to care for it as well. Fortunately, you can easily take care of the area on your own or through professional treatments.

Skin Is Skin
It genuinely doesn’t take much to care for the decolletage properly. You need only apply the same principles that you’ve been applying to your face already. Remembering to apply sunblock will help prevent any further damage as you routinely use various anti-aging treatments. You’ll likely want to favor more potent options like products utilizing vitamin C or retinoids to try and make the most of things if you haven’t been previously engaging in care though. Most of us, by incorporating treating the decolletage properly, can avoid it becoming a giveaway of our age and detracting from our overall appearance. Sunblock is particularly useful as the area is frequently prone to spotting with age as well as rougher skin. This is due to it being exposed to a variety of clothing. Properly nourishing and moisturizing the area will work just as well for that part of your skin as any other though.

Light Therapy
There’s no shame in not having cared for your neckline. Most of us are never told that it is a concern within skincare and this makes reaching it a later step in our skin care journey than all the rest. This can lead to awkward situations where clear signs of aging have already appeared though. This makes standard preventive and rejuvenating care a little more difficult. You will be making up for newer damage, but it is far harder for you to gain any ground on the damage already done. This is where intense pulsed light therapy comes into play. It utilizes specialized pulsed lights to help break up pigmentation in the skin. This can go a long way towards reducing the appearance of spots with age. Some studies have suggested it can also improve collagen production within the skin and thereby restore a more youthful appearance in more ways than one.

Neck Lift
Another option that is faster and can have more pronounced effects is the neck lift. It should be noted that this is a surgical procedure and, unlike your other options, will potentially leave a scar afterwards. It can quite quickly resolve issues with the neckline though. It pulls the skin tighter across the neck to make up for any sagging due to age. This covers both the neck itself and the decolletage at the same time. It is only one part of a treatment though. You may be able to make the skin tighter this way, but you’ll need other treatments to help with any spotting that has occurred as well as other skin issues that crop up with age. Sometimes a neck lift is incorporated with other procedures to help fill out the area some as well to further reduce the appearance of age.

Decolletage rejuvenation treatments exist to help us age more gracefully than very human mistakes might allow. The best care is always preventive though. Treatments designed to counteract massive damage already done are seldom anywhere near as good as ensuring that your skin ages gracefully. With this in mind, don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your neckline and remember that it needs pampering from time to time.

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