Delight in These New Ideas in Coffee Brewing

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Delight in These New Ideas in Coffee Brewing

The coffee industry is one that is always evolving, with exciting new innovations and products constantly entering the market. From cold brews to transparent drinks, here are a few of the latest ideas in coffee brewing.

Transparent Coffee
One of the biggest downsides to coffee is the way in which it can stain the teeth, especially if you drink large amounts of it. In order to find a way around this, a company called Clear Coffee has created an Arabica blend that tastes exactly the same as a regular coffee and has the same amount of caffeine in it too, but there is one big difference. This special coffee is actually the world’s first transparent coffee, meaning that it looks just like water. While the company will not disclose their unique production methods, so as to deter the competition, this is a coffee that is likely to become extremely popular with regular drinkers who are trying to protect their teeth.

Man pouring milk into cold brewed coffee

Cold Brewed Coffee
Cold brewed coffee has been around for a couple of years now, although some countries, such as Japan, have been drinking it for centuries, new brewing techniques are making this drink even better than ever. Cold brewed coffee basically refers to coffee that has been brewed with cold or room temperature water, over the course of 16 to 24 hours. The resulting beverage is one that is much smoother, rounded and sweeter than regular brewed coffees, without the bitter notes that coffee is usually known for.

Anaerobic Fermentation
Using anaerobic fermentation to make coffee is a concept that is extremely creative, and is only carried out by the most innovative of coffee shops. This method takes about 20 hours and requires frequent stirring, and the coffee that comes out of it is definitely unique. Although it does depend on the actual coffee that is used, you can expect the flavor to be much fruitier than regular coffee, with a more cinnamon aftertaste, as well as a light to medium body.

Iced coffee with coffee beans

Cold Brewed Licorice Coffee
As mentioned above, cold brewing is a method that gives you so much control over the flavors that the final coffee embodies, and now, the Lofbergs brand has put even more of a twist on cold brewed coffee. Their cold brewing process makes use of ice cold water rather than room temperature water and takes about 16 hours. The difference comes in the coffee that they use, as they make use of an organic Arabica coffee that comes from Ethiopia, and has been steeped in licorice root beforehand. This gives the brew a sweeter, and much more complex, overall flavor, making it a great one for coffee connoisseurs to try.

There are always going to be new trends in every market, and the coffee industry is no exception. From cold brewing to anaerobic fermentation, there are so many innovations going on when it comes to coffee that it will be exciting to see where the drink ends up going in the future.

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