Did Acne Exist in Ancient Times?

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Did Acne Exist in Ancient Times?

Given how much of an annoyance acne is to people, it isn’t surprising that people want to know they’re not alone it having to deal with it. The digital age lets people reach out to one another online and share tips and tricks for dealing with a breakout. This helps ease the anxiety of dealing with acne to a degree, but has also lead some people to think that acne is a modern disease. This is quite far from the truth given OROGOLD can tell you that Cleopatra wore a mask of gold to try to maintain her beauty. Acne is an exclusively human problem. There is no way of knowing whether acne is a problem that came with civilization, but we do know that it is at the very least as old as civilization.

Ancient Egypt
Believe it or not, the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt had to deal with acne as assuredly as anyone else. They certainly didn’t use the same word for it, but Egyptologists can clearly state based on particular writings that the Egyptians certainly knew about it. Their understanding of the skin condition was quite different from the one we have today and it was treated like most diseases of the time. Magic of various forms and sulfur are largely what we have an idea what they tried, but you can be certain that just as the Pharaohs sought the best treatment their courts could find that there were plenty of suggested remedies as well.

Ancient Greece and Rome
Most people pictures everyone wandering around in togas and enjoying amphitheaters when the Greeks and Romans come up. This is quite true, but they also had to deal with acne. The symptoms are clearly described in both medical and non-medical texts that survive to this day. Much of the time they did what they could think of and that included indulging in sulfur-rich mineral baths and other applications of sulfur. Several famous figures in Greek and Roman history are also credited as suffering from acne, but no sculptor ever seems to have felt the need to include acne in their sculptures for some reason.

Early Modern Era
Knowing that even ancient peoples had to deal with acne should make it quite clear by now that everyone has dealt with acne. It isn’t really just a plague brought on by modern living. Modern living did see it as the perfect opportunity to suggest countless possible solutions though. Scouring through old magazines and newspapers, plenty of ads exist to advertise wondrous skin care products to women of the age. There are even clear ads to all acne sufferers offering them the miracle cure they’ve been looking for that will give them sparkling clear skin in a matter of days. This is further evidence that some things really never do change.

Given how troublesome acne is for some people, the idea that they could just step out of the current era and back to “before” acne is highly tempting. There are so many ingredients in things we use every day that we don’t know what they are and surely something has to be responsible, right? Try not to give into this temptation though. Hopping in a time machine and going back to visit the Greeks won’t cure your acne. OROGOLD warmly endorses remaining in the present where we can help you deal with a breakout far better than the topical sulfur of the ancients ever would.

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