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Does Your Agent Have A Line Stander

Most of us, at one point or another, spend a little time talking to real estate agent. This generally happens when we’re investigating moving to a new area and want to see what is available. Luxury homes are otherwise a bit hard to find given they tend to target a fairly exclusive audience. Real estate agents are meant to know their clients and help you find exactly what you want without needing to go through the hassle of investigating things yourself. They have various tricks that they pick up over time and use those in combination with their connections to have access to beautiful properties whenever they’re available. Their tricks are ultimately what help them remain competitive while giving you the choice you desire. You might want to actually ask your real estate agent if they happen to employee a line stander. That can be a mark of experience that will help you ensure you’re employing the right people.

What Is A Line Stander?
True to the name, a line stander’s job is to stand in line. Real estate agents often need to be managing various properties that need consistent attention. That means needing to spend hours in a line to secure a meeting to actually talk about a property can be a hassle they can’t afford any more than you can. Line standers are the professionals who go to stand in place of your agent to ensure that the job gets done without costing anyone else time they need for other tasks. This is a very useful trick for a lot of agents because it can let them be sure to get into discussions on a particularly attractive property fairly easily by assigning someone else to the task. Some agents actually assign multiple line standers to a task when dealing with luxury condominiums or apartments with a string of vacancies opening up.

Should My Agent Employ One?
Whether your agent employs a line stander or not frequently depends on the local market. Smaller real estate markets frequently don’t need this degree of delegation simply because there isn’t a lot of competition in an area. This changes as you get closer to urbanized and upscale areas where access to homes becomes a big deal. Asking whether your agent employs one can help you determine how experienced your agent is at their job. Most agents will have at least one line stander, but some of the agents in luxury real estate markets employ far more to ensure there is always someone putting a foot in potential doors that you agent can actually discuss acquiring or managing. Some agents actually start their careers as line standers for an experienced agent for this very reason. It gives them a glimpse into the world and some of the experience necessary to know what is necessary.

Going That Extra Distance
As we highlighted, your agent doesn’t necessarily need to employ one, but it is a good sign when they do. Many properties move quickly through the market in a competitive environment. The best agents will have ways to remain aware and on top of the properties. Think of your agent employing line standers as a sign that they’re willing to go that extra bit of distance to help you find exactly what you’re looking for rather than asking you to settle. It is an encouraging factor. That said, you will want to check the local market conditions to determine if it even makes sense. Employing line standers in a non-competitive market could be a sign that your agent actually doesn’t quite know what they’re doing and is simply emulating habits from other areas of the business. You want an agent that knows the area, the market, and the appropriate ways to deal with it instead of someone who only pretends at understanding.

Line standers are people who do the boring, but necessary job of putting a body in line for important meetings and similar engagements where an agent doesn’t necessarily need to be there. They help make sure your agent gets a place at the appropriate table when the time comes to acquire access to good properties though. Depending on the local market, you may or may not actually want your agent to have them. Keep an eye open on the status of local markets when hunting for a good agent and consider adding the question of whether they employ line standers to your list of questions to figure out if they’ll meet your needs.

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