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Exotic Creatures that Make Great Pets

Most of us have had a pet at various points in our lives. These animals companions tend to have been either a cat or dog in most western countries. Such animals are the generally accepted forms of pet, but there is a far wider selection available than that. Some people raise rats or hamsters with an eye to smaller, but charming creatures. Others keep snakes as a companion as a means of enjoying quiet companionship. There are even people who keep what many of us would consider to be farm animals as animal companions. Finding the right animal is a matter of finding one whose temperament matches your own and making sure you can provide them with the appropriate care. Sometimes you want something a little more interesting than average though. Various exotic animals can also make great animal companions, but you need to make sure local regulations will allow for them as well as the other general requirements for care. Some make better pets than others too.

Most of the time the ideas of “pig” and “pet” do not meet each other in the average person’s mind. The general opinion is to regard pigs as, sadly, both stupid and dirty. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Pigs are statistically one of the smarter domesticated animals. This holds true across the various kinds of pig in the world. They are also incredibly clean animals. That image that most people have a pigs wallowing in mud is more about the pig trying to stay cool than a desire to actually be dirty. In all honesty, a pet pig would rather have a tiny pool for itself to get wet in than have to roll in the mud. As a general rule, most pigs intended to be pets will be of a smaller breed such as a pot-bellied pig or a specially bred miniature pig. They can be trained to use dog doors, litterboxes, and other conveniences that make them a truly interesting companion. As with most “exotic” pets, you will need to find a veterinarian that can actually treat them as well as ensuring you take care of the pig’s mental as well as physical needs to keep them happy. Don’t forget that pigs can live up to two decades though. They are a long term commitment.

Strangely enough, foxes are an option for a pet that many people don’t consider. This typically has to do with the difficulty of acquiring one as well as the specific requirements of caring for them. They do make genuinely affectionate pets for the people who can keep them though. There are two major kinds of fox that people keep as pets: Fennec and Silver. Fennec are relatively small with trademark large ears and are known for being high energy in addition to being highly reactive. Some people favorably say of them that they combine the best parts of a cat and a dog into one small package. Silver foxes are larger, but often a little calmer than their smaller cousins. Additionally, there is an official breeder for domesticated silver foxes. They are the continuation of a Russian breeding experiment to see how domestication would affect the species. As a result, domesticated foxes both look and act a little more dog-like than their relatives. They remain good companions as long as you have the energy to care for them and the ability to give them what they need to be happy.

Like other animals on this list, ferrets aren’t exactly the immediate thing that leaps to mind when one thinks of exotic pets, but they are just as non-standard as the other animals we’ve highlighted. They are also subjects to ownership restrictions depending on where you are as well. Ferrets are a pet many of us have actually seen before though and are actually regarded as good pets. These hyperactive companions are known for their ability to charm the people around them with their high speed and inquisitive antics. Those same features do mean making certain accommodations in your life to ensure the health and safety of all involved. You’ll want to “ferret-proof” any room you keep them in even if you keep them within a specially designed cage. This will help guard against any accidents. Your companions are going to want to get out to exercise eventually. We say companions because ferrets, when properly introduced, can keep one another company and help provide some of the social requirements they have, but they’ll still want to spend time with you. We do recommend ensuring you neuter your ferrets though unless you intend to breed them.

There are plenty of “exotic” pets out there that give you a step away from the normal idea of an animal companion. Nothing about them is inferior to the more standard cat or dog. They’re just different and have their own particular health concerns. Look for a pet that fits your temperament and the amount of time you have available to give. All animals companions deserve to be given the amount of affection they need. In return, you’ll get a caring companion whose unique personality will hopefully prove to be as charming as you could wish.

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