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Exploring the Seas

There is something special about traveling by boat. The sound of the waves is relaxing while the look of distant storms, while threatening, remains a glimpse into the majesty of nature. A new horizon every morning makes travel by boat even more attractive. It also makes you take your time, unlike air travel, so that you can stop to enjoy life for what it is. There doesn’t seem to be a way to improve on it… until you start thinking about what it might be like to travel the seas beneath the waves. Luxury, personal submarines are a fairly niche market for those who want to enjoy the open water in an entirely different way than a traditional yacht allows. The good news is they both are a thing and can be as fabulously luxurious as you’d hope.

Consider Your Desires
Private submarines are nothing new. Famous scientists, explorers, and naturalists have had them for ages as a means to explore the ocean in the name of knowledge. These are relatively simple affairs, but could be all you want depending on your particular desires. For some, a submarine makes an excellent addition to a personal yacht that builds upon the yacht’s capabilities. These are often simple affairs that fit up to three people comfortably and safely. They themselves are a luxury, but the interiors aren’t always as luxurious as you might like. What if you want something more though? As Captain Nemo had The Nautilus, you too can have your own gorgeous submarine for both entertaining and exploring beneath the waves. These are exceedingly rare vessels by comparison to a standard yacht, but are a truly unique experience to own and travel in.

What To Expect From Your Submarine
Varying sizes of luxury submarines with accommodations exist. Try to find the one that suits your needs best. In most case, you’ll want to have accommodations for yourself and a small number of friends as well as a crew. The accommodations on these submarines are often designed by the person commissioning the ship. This allows you to ensure that each room meets your exacting desires for luxury. You can expect choices in interior appearances as well as the furniture available within the submarine. Many of them include viewing areas or viewing holes within each room to ensure everyone gets the most from the experience. Larger, more luxurious versions include full galleys that allow the preparation of elaborate meals as well. Owning such a unique vessel does come with certain considerations though.

Things To Remember
Larger submarines are more complex to operate than a standard yacht. They require a knowledgeable crew capable of keeping the submarine both in shape and to actually operate the submarine in most cases. This is a major consideration if you’ve only previously owned a smaller personal yacht that didn’t require a crew. Additionally, maintenance for submarines also tends to be more specialized than a yacht. The largest personal submarine designs in the world generally don’t allow for enough space for entertaining on as large of a scale as you can on a similarly priced yacht. Smaller overall area available also does put some restrictions on what can be expected within the submarines as well as what is safely allowable. You will also need to look into any local regulations regarding the operation of a private submarine. If you’re willing to manage all of this, then you can explore beneath seas in true luxury.

Personal, luxury submarines aren’t terribly common. It makes the opportunity to travel on one something not to be missed for most people. Even more stunning is the opportunity to own one and travel the world beneath the waves. Things might not be quite as astonishing as Captain Nemo’s ship, but it remains a truly magnificent way to travel.

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