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Extend The Life Of Fresh Cut Flowers

Fresh cut flowers have a way of brightening up the room. There’s just something distinct and vibrant about them than fake flowers simply can’t capture. Whether it is the fleeting beauty of life or simply the beauty of a full natural pigment, fresh cut flowers offer something special. The downside is that they fade away far faster than any of us would like. Putting them in a vase or another container with fresh water and keeping it filled will make sure the flowers stay lively for a few days more at most. That never seems like long enough though. Fortunately, that’s lead many people to continually look for ways to help extend the life of their fresh cut flowers. Each tip seems to offer us just a little more time with these small fragments of the beauty of nature. While the tips we’re about to go over certainly won’t make the flowers immortal, you should at least be able to get a little bit more time together to enjoy the special air they bring to space.

A Cut Above
Interestingly enough, many of us miss out on a relatively simple trick that can help extend the life of fresh cut flowers: cut them again. Part of the problem with cut flowers is that eventually, the ends of the stems begin to lose structural support. The weight of the rest of the flower and being stuck constantly in water just makes them become mushier over time and less able to absorb water. You’ll want to be careful about cutting the stems again though. Trim them, at most, one to two inches above the bottom at a slight angle. This will allow water to begin to pass through the flower smoothly again for a little bit longer. It is particularly useful for helping to freshen up flowers that you notice are beginning to droop as it will revitalize the bloom. You can do this a couple of times over the course of the life of fresh cut flowers, but eventually, they’ll be too short to reliably continue using this trick. Fortunately, there are other options to keep the flowers looking fresh.

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Location, Location, Location
Selecting a good location or remembering to move your fresh cut flowers can also be important. Remember that the environment has as much of an effect on your flowers as it does on you. Overly warm spots and areas in direct sunlight can end up reducing the overall lifespan of your flowers. Direct sunlight is a problem partly due to the heat working against the flower’s long term health, but also because of it working against your goal of keeping the flower hydrated. The sunlight will lead to water evaporating from the flower’s container and potentially out of the cut stem itself. Storing the flower near a source of heat is just as bad. The ideal place to keep fresh cut flowers is somewhere with, at most, indirect sunlight that maintains a moderate temperature throughout the day and night. Your flowers will last a lot longer this way and let you enjoy their beauty for a little while longer.

A Gentle Mist
You can keep flowers hydrated by doing more than simply sticking them in a vase. Remember earlier how we highlighted that the base of the steam eventually becomes damaged to the point that it makes it difficult for the flower to take in more water without a fresh cutting. You can avoid the small gap where the flower begins to look worse off by lightly misting it each day. Try to keep the origin of the spray between 80 to 10 inches away from the flowers though. This will keep the mist that falls on them relatively light and avoid weighing the petals down overmuch and harming them in the process. Remember that you don’t need to do this more than once a day. It will keep them relatively healthy by allowing the flower to acquire a little more water closer to the bloom and thereby reducing the full dependency on the stem. Furthermore, it offers a nice way to keep the flowers that much more healthy when it is harder to keep the heat under control.

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Freshly cut flowers may not last forever, but the right steps can make them last a little longer. These tips should give you a way to preserve that tasteful bouquet or beautiful display long enough to enjoy them more. Yes, eventually you’ll need to throw them out, but even a little more time lets the flowers provide a bit of color to any interior. Don’t forget to thoroughly wash their former container afterwards though to ensure it will be ready to receive the next set of flowers.

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