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Extravagant Destinations of the Rich and Famous

There are certain places in the world that cater mainly to the people capable of affording only the finest luxuries available. These locations are located around the world and end up being among some of the most extravagant locations one can potentially visit. The results are stunning. Luxury amenities combined with perfect service tend to make these places a joy to stay at and simply step away from the world. It doesn’t hurt that some of the locations are actually a bit secluded from the world already to offer guests a taste of privacy and quiet freedom from the world outside. Not all of us can travel to these places regularly, but when we can it is like being in another world for at least a little while. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most extravagant destinations available to the rich and famous. You might just see somewhere that you want to stay the next time you’re traveling the world.

The Maldives
If you’ve ever wondered how far you need to travel to find paradise, The Maldives might just be the answer you and so many others have wanted. The island nation is the Indian Ocean and makes the most of its placement to offer an array of luxury resort options to help people to get away from the larger world. A secluded location helps a lot, but that isn’t the only selling point of this location. What makes it so desirable is that the climate tends to feel tuned to perfection to such a point that one wonders if there can be bad days. The natural beauty of the area is also notable. White sand beaches are paired with gorgeous waters and plenty of activities are available to suit both of these aspects. In many ways, this destination offers all anyone could want when it comes to getting away from it all providing one enjoys a tropical destination.

This Colorado city is not only considered one of the best places to go skiing in the United States, but it frequently ranks high on lists around the world as well. It provides a scenic backdrop that makes it relaxing while feeling comparatively far away from the world. Due to it being a city, it really isn’t as isolated as other options though. This makes it ideal for people who want to feel away from it all without having to genuinely be left feeling stranded. It makes for a good counterpoint destination to all the tropical getaways available to people. Aspen is also the playground of the rich and famous where countless of their number come to visit and enjoy the skiing as well as the other beauties of Aspen. There are plenty of their number that live here as well. It generally means there are plenty of entertaining things to do regardless of the time of year you find yourself in Aspen and can be assured that there will be plenty to enjoy.

Turtle Island
Turtle Island
We’re back to the tropics for this one for anyone who wants to go truly luxurious. There are few things quite as pleasing as being able to say you have or are staying on a private island. You can get just that by staying at this destination in Fiji. Turtle Island is a beautiful natural area with only a handful of dwellings available on it for guests. This ensures that there are relatively few people on the island at any given time. Each guest is assured access to beautiful beaches and all they need to enjoy the natural beauty of the island. The beaches and surrounding waters are frequently what draws the most people, but the resort encourages people to also enjoy exploring the island itself in a variety of ways. The staff cater to their guests to the extent that it is possible to arrange a meal in many places on the island. You can expect to feel isolated from the world here, but in a good way where you can still enjoy all the luxuries you’re used to enjoying.

These extravagant locations each offer something specific to travelers that draws them there. The spirit of these places never seems to die and they take on a life of their own. That tends to be why you find so many of the rich and famous there. So consider looking into staying a while in one of these locations if you want to taste luxury and beauty the likes of which most people can only dream.

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