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Face Cupping For Younger Looking Skin

There are always new ideas on how best to take care of our skin. These take a lot of forms each year as trends rise and fall. People just want something new that can be the promised solution to particular skincare problems. Unfortunately, there are trends that actually work alongside those that are ultimately doomed to failure. Trying to figure out the best ways to approach personalized skincare becomes infinitely harder given these problems. That’s why most of us tend to pay attention to what the beauty gurus and others in the know have to say on a particular topic. Face cupping is currently an interesting trend that promises the potential for younger looking skin with no invasive procedures or continual use of products. It seems a little too good to be true. That’s why we’re going to take a closer look at face cupping to see where the truth lies.

What Is Cupping?
In practice, cupping is considered a form of alternative medicine that takes several forms. The exact origin of it is unclear, but the forms have mixed over the ages to the point that it may be difficult to tell where precisely any given form truly originated. It is most commonly believed to be a form of ancient Chinese medicine that helps to support the body in various ways depending on where it is placed. The basic idea is that one creates a difference in pressure between the vessel used in the treatment, typically a form of cup, and outside of the cup to help create vacuum within the cup that seals it close to the skin. This pulls the skin up within the cup and in turn is credited with a variety of powers. Lately people tend to highlight its supposed benefits for blood flow and similarly issues, but traditionally cupping is about helping to ensure proper flow of qi, a mystical life energy, throughout the body. It has little bearing on the actual flow of blood through the body.

Energy and Medicine
The fact that the root beliefs surrounding cupping are focused on energy medicine isn’t a good sign in most cases. Qi and similar ideas of a mystical life force are overall untestable, unproven, and unscientific. All studies attempting to follow the benefits of adjusting life energy within the body tend to come back relatively negative with no appearance of having done anything beneficial to the body. This is especially true with cupping. Even proponents of alternative medicine have found it difficult to find evidence to full support the treatment in any form. Actual energy doesn’t behave like the mystical life energy many ancient beliefs center on think it does. Similarly, the lack of proof of the life energy means that the primary mechanism of action that the practices truly believe in before they became popular outside of their home cultures is invalid. It raises serious questions about the potential utility of any form of cupping treatment when compared to genuine medicine. Most benefits people seem to get are comparable to that of a placebo treatment and as a result most doctors are intensely skeptical.

Looking Your Best
A lot of people are already turned off by the idea of face cupping because of the distinctive marks associated with cupping anywhere else on the body. The good news is that face cupping tends to be overall gentler and the telltale marks tend to be minimal to nonexistent for most people. Frequently the suction created during treatment simply isn’t comparable to that used on the rest of the body. This is good too because the skin of your face is much thinner and far easier to damage. Most reliable examinations of face cupping have failed to show there is much utility to it as a treatment. Cupping is a focused treatment when actions that improve blood flow need to be daily. You’re better off massaging your cleanser into your skin and exfoliating the same way than you are in using cupping to give you younger looking skin. The good news is that facial cupping doesn’t necessarily share the same potential problems with causing necrotic skin that cupping the body does.

Cupping is an interesting form of energy medicine that has become a worldwide phenomena thanks to increasing exposure. Unfortunately, exposure isn’t enough to make something work. The underlying principles of the treatment rely on pre-scientific ideas of a life force flowing throughout the body and only more adaptive modern practitioners have begun to try to disguise this with more modern medical terminology. There are inherent risks to the skin for some forms of treatment as well. With this in mind, we cannot recommend cupping of the body or face as a reliable method for improving skin health and maintaining a youthful appearance. You’re better off with a carefully created skincare routine and the occasional facial massage.

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