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Five Star Hotels in Santa Barbara

We all expect the best places to stay in big name cities. No one will ever dispute that there are fantastic places to stay in New York City or Los Angeles. The cities have their own characters, yes, but they are both large enough there is no doubt you can find everything from a large luxury hotel to the boutique hotel experience that has become increasingly popular. Santa Barbara, by contrast, isn’t necessarily ones of those big name cities. It has its place in California and is certainly well known in its own right, but it doesn’t quite command the same respect of travelers. This is unfortunate given there are plenty of five-star hotels in the city that make it an excellent destination if you want to enjoy the California coast, but don’t necessarily want to spend your time in Los Angeles. The best part is that most of these places aren’t even local secrets so you can easily plan for a pleasant stay in Santa Barbara whenever you wish without asking your local friends.

Bacara Resort & Spa
For anyone looking for a more traditional taste of luxury, this hotel will offer you almost all you could want and add in seaside views on top of it all. Its location on the coast ensures that the hotel has plenty of beach available for its guest to enjoy when they feel like staying oceanside while the location of the resort itself ensures that it isn’t terribly far from the rest of the city. The ready access combined with luxury makes it a popular stop for many people. It does hurt that the interior are decorated with a distinct eye towards luxury and relaxation. The resort’s spa offers a myriad of services for guests to enjoy during the stay. It offers a nice way to help recover from any of the more adventurous daytrips you take during your stay in Santa Barbara. After spending time in the spa you can enjoy the beautiful gardens and artfully landscaped fountains. Both natural and cultivated beauty make the resort an excellent option, but don’t feel left out if you’re looking for a boutique option.

San Ysidro Ranch
Getting away from it all while still being near Santa Barbara is quite easy if you book a stay this ranch. There is a nice selection of standard rooms and cottages available to guests. All of them are decorated with a slightly rustic yet luxurious flair to stay in keeping with the sense of natural freedom that the hotel strives to maintain for its guests. Cottages and the main hotel are connected by well-maintained paths. The cottages are among the best options when staying at San Ysidro Ranch. Some people are less than enthusiastic by the bungalow-style of the cottages, but you need only to step inside one to see the beauty and care put into the design. The ranch does its best to take care of its guests regardless of whether they are staying in one of the main buildings or one of the cottages, though. You can enjoy the boutique-style attention of both privacy and an attentive staff. Topping this all off is the fact that the ranch has a spa as well. It has many services you’d expect of a larger resort, but what makes it special is that some of them are available in-cottage if you’re staying in one. Convenience and natural beauty ensure the ranch has no shortage of guests.

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Belmond El Encanto
What do you do when you want to combine the sense of natural beauty with a decent location with regards to the Santa Barbara? You stay at the Belmond El Encanto. The hotel is a combine of suites and bungalows spread out across several acres. Most people look to stay in the bungalows, but there are specialty suites available as well that are quite beautiful in their own right and utilize the beautiful landscaping to maximum effect. Regardless of your accommodations, you can be sure of the luxury treatment due to the amenities all being of luxury quality. It ensures you’re surrounded by beauty no matter where you go. Belmond El Encanto also boasts excellent opportunities for dining in each evening in the form of its restaurant services. As expected of a hotel of this quality, you can also find an in-house spa to relax in as well. Overall, you can be sure of having a memorable stay here regardless of what you desire out of the trip.

These luxury hotels in Santa Barbara make the most of their locations and the natural beauty of the area. Each of them has their way of ensuring that your stay is relaxing. It gives you several options to pick from if you simply want a quick look at the available hotel or a slightly more intimate look into the hotels than a simple “top hotels” listing could hope to provide. Don’t restrict yourself to these hotels though as there are still others for you to enjoy if none of these seem appealing. Regardless, any of the available luxury hotels will make your stay in Santa Barbara enjoyable.

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