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High Tech Bathroom Must Haves

There are only a handful of places we can’t avoid going. Rooms like a bedroom are hard to avoid as we all need to get a little sleep now and again without it being troubled by people moving through a communal space. Bathrooms are similar in this regard. We’ve got to use them whether we like them or not. They aren’t necessarily always the most pleasant places depending on how you think of the time spent in them. The right changes to any bathroom can make them a truly luxurious place to spend time though. High-tech bathroom additions are increasingly popular as they can change even a routine shower or bath into something truly enjoyable instead of something rote. Let’s take a look at some of these gadgets that are increasing must haves if you want to have a stylish bathroom.

Media Freedom
The presence of water is what makes a bathroom a bathroom, but is also what tends to make it ill-advised to set up electronics in the room. After all, the last thing you want is to short out a cherished audio system or television just to keep an eye on the news of the day or to watch your favorite program live. There are plenty of solutions to this problem though. Many companies now offer waterproof speakers, televisions, and similar electronics that allow you to enjoy your media even as you bathe. Luxury brands, in particular, are likely to offer such variants as they are best able to ensure the quality of the products available. You’ll largely need to decide if you want your speakers of television in the shower stall itself or mounted elsewhere in the room. Both are possible and capable of being done with clear taste and style.

Specialized Showers
Showers may be relaxing, but there are plenty of ways to both improve upon the experience and add further layers to the experience. A currently more common one is to provide customized shower heads in multiple locations that allow you to create your own pattern for the jets to ensure you get cleaned all over. Most of these systems are distinctly programmable and capable of storing temperature preference as well as favored combinations of water jets. This can improve a shower greatly all on its own, but there are further systems that add to this. Light therapy showers exist that attempt to use subconscious color associations help further relax anyone in them. This involves arrays of lights within the shower that provide brilliant hues for the water or simply the ambient area of the shower itself depending on the setup. These make for visually stunning and beautiful additions to any shower.

High Tech Toilets
The toilet is frequently one of the least interesting parts of a bathroom. Plenty of companies are striving to change that with toilets that offer an array of extras that elevate it beyond something quite as simple as most of their siblings. Many of these toilets are self-heating and allow you to set a seat temperature to ensure it is never unpleasant to sit down. This is only one of the most basic options though. Some have hands-free options that prevent you from needing to press to flush, some are self-cleaning, and can even open and close themselves. Companies keep designing newer and better toilets that turn the most commonplace item in the room into something as stylish as other furnishings. If you’re looking to be particularly clean, there are even some toilets that will clean up for you after you’ve had to use the facilities. Isn’t technology wonderful?

Bathrooms are actually one of the last places many of us would think of as a high-tech wonderland, but they can be with relatively little effort. This is driven forward by people not wanting their lives to stop the moment they enter a bathroom. Automation, luxury, and appearance are all rolled into one cohesive whole when people designed high tech bathroom gadgets. The end result is nothing short of spectacular.

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