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Home Security Measures And Luxury Bunkers

There is a lingering belief that there is an ancient Chinese curse that is simply stated as: “May you live in interesting times.” The phrase itself is certainly not of Chinese origins despite what the phrase tends to claim, but the meaning of the phrase remains quite clear. It is seldom that anyone can be said to not live in interesting times and yet 2016 seems like a year for the record books as far as news goes. The world has always been in a constant state of feuding with itself, yes, but tempers seem especially high this year. It has lead to those with the funds to renew their interest in novel and highly effective home security measures and even an increase in people looking to have their own luxury bunkers. The steps being taken make perfect sense if you fear what is to come. However, they are also typically interesting too.

Hidden Rooms
Few people will ever deny that there is a certain mystique to the idea of secret rooms and passages in a home. The increased interest in such security measures may have relatively little to do with child-like enjoyment, but that hasn’t stopped people from having fun when having such measures installed. Secret doors, in particular, can be designed to open in any number of ways and a lot of people tend to like to pay homage to pieces of their childhood with various little tricks straight out of cartoons or films. Doors are a popular addition as they enable someone to hide a safe room in plain sight without anyone noticing it. These are in themselves typically luxurious affair that offers a combination of tasteful luxury and top notch security to seal the room in the event that it proves necessary. A safe room isn’t always sufficient to meet the desires of people though and the passages can quickly become nothing more than a covert entrance to a personal bunker.

Luxury bunker room
Luxury Bunkers
We’re used to viewing luxury accommodations in terms best summarized by large estates or tasteful yet secure micro mansions located in a good area. The word bunker has only been placed after “luxury” in relatively recent times as technology has improved to the point that you can combine the strict functionality of an underground bunker with the amenities you’re used to enjoying. Luxury bunkers are frequently sprawling affairs that attempt to be as self-contained as possible. The idea being that the residents can seal themselves away for an extended period to survive almost any disaster while they wait for help to arrive. This can mean extensive game and growing rooms set up carefully underground. More commonly you’ll find exercise rooms and personalized bedrooms that will allow the owners to wait out disaster in style. The individual specifications are dependent on what is desired. Many of the bunkers are designed to be, almost literally, apocalypse-proof. Air filtration, appropriate depth, and extra security measures ensure they’re meant to survive a nuclear apocalypse as much as a viral outbreak or mob uprising.

Staying Safe
Hidden safe rooms and luxury bunkers are one thing, but there are still other options that turn up as well. Most of us are familiar with the idea of a safe room. The space goes into lockdown once residents tell it too or an alarm goes off. Sometimes these are designated rooms in a home and other times all the bedrooms are rigged to be safe rooms depending on the desires of the client. Some clients have asked contractors to take this to a larger level and make them house-sizes safe rooms. These are homes that can quickly convert to a sealed dwelling to counter most non-nuclear threats. Windows and doors begin sealing themselves once the alarm is given and turn the home into something fairly close to an above-ground bunker. Combining it with internal security measures of a home bunker makes it even more secure. The interesting times we live in mean all of these are experiencing a huge surge in popularity as people try to secure a peace of mind despite the world.

Home security measures can be simple or they can be extravagant. It really all depends on how much a homeowner wants to invest in their peace of mind. Secret passages with hidden safe rooms are among the most popular options, but an increasing sense of instability is leading to a growth in bunker-like homes and true bunkers beneath homes. The utility of these safety features isn’t preventing people from ensuring they remain pleasant and luxurious. This trend is expected to continue for a while yet as tensions are worked out. After all, it never hurts to be prepared, right?


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