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Host An Elegant Party to Celebrate 4th of July

Summer means there are plenty of excuses to celebrate no matter where you look. Birthdays, the summer solstice, and the 4th of July are some of the more common reasons people choose to celebrate. The 4th of July, as a major celebration in the United States, tends to get a lot of the attention. Most of us tend to focus on throwing our bigger summer party then. Throwing a good 4th of July party has a lot involved in it and there’s even more to it if you have a particular vision for how the party needs to go or the sort of atmosphere that you want to be involved in the entire affair. A particularly elegant party needs a little bit more planning than most as you’ll likely want to make a few more preparations than normal to get that sort of atmosphere. It is doable though. Here are a few suggestions to help you on the path to hosting your very own elegant 4th of July party.

Consider The Location
There’s a lot to be said for location for a 4th of July party of any sort. Celebrations of all sorts tend to be happening and many municipal areas have their own fireworks celebrations in addition to the nationally televised ones. Try to figure out which, if any, of those is likely to be wanted for the party. Actually seeing the local fireworks will involve making sure everyone is in range and able to comfortably view them. Finding a suitable venue with a good view of the sky is advisable in this case. A shared social club or an available gathering hall are all good options here if you’d like to keep everyone out of the summer heat and looking their best all night long. For those expecting guests who don’t care as much about local celebrations, you can likely get away with a home with a large television tuned to a national celebration during the night to satisfy anyone who wants to see fireworks without making them a major consideration of the evening.

Party food decorated with 4th of July theme

Consider Decor
Settings and overall style are also important when trying to host an elegant party. Most of the time you’ll want to have at least some nod to the flag color of the United States to keep with the holiday. How you use them is up to you though. Depending on your personal tastes, you might find patriotic napkins or temporary tableware gauche and unfit for the tone you want to set for the party. You can still set the mood with a centerpiece and decorative elements throughout the celebration space. Decorative candles with a patriotic twist, appropriately colored party favors, a celebratory banner, and even lightly colored crystal or glass tableware can help you set the mood in a comparatively tasteful and restrained way. You do want what the party is celebrating to be obvious, but the food and company of the event should ultimately have the main focus while the décor is simply there to support it.

Consider the Temperature
Regardless of your party’s tone, you’re going to need to keep a lot of ice around. The air conditioning can only do so much and someone is going to inevitably wander outside at any gathering as long as the weather is clear. That means making sure that everything that should be iced is and keeping most of the drinks chilled as well. This is an especially good idea given the fact that a lot of 4th of July fare tends to have a certain level of heat to it even if you’re having more elegant interpretations of holiday favorites. That spice needs to be properly answered to ensure everyone remains comfortable both during the meal and for any lulls during it. Consider doing something festive with your drinks as a result. Sparkling water or spirits chilled in a themed container can contribute to the overall celebration as much as serving a special drink just for the occasion in beautiful, matching glasses for a toast. It is up to you how far to take any element of the party.

An elegant 4th of July party is entirely possible, but you do have to plan out a lot of elements. Pay particular consideration to the likely expectations that guests will have out of the evening. Elegance isn’t typically associated with a holiday largely associated with backyard get-togethers. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it and create your own way of celebrating the holiday with that taste of elegance you’ve always enjoyed.

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