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How Microneedling Affects Your Skin

Microneedling is one of those skincare techniques that you likely already know about even if you don’t really know what to call it. Dermarollers became a popular beauty tool in 2016 as microneedling’s popularity began to truly take off. The devices lightly punctured the skin where they were rolled over to help improve the skin’s overall health and potentially boost its appearance. Microneedling is simply the professional equivalent to dermarolling and follows similar principles. That doesn’t exactly explain how or why the entire process actually works though. The clear effects that many people experience speak for themselves, but it is always best to know exactly how any given tool or product is doing its job. This helps ensure that you know how to properly care for your skin without layering repeated treatments that could hurt your skin. With that in mind, let’s take a look at exactly how microneedling affects your skin.

Hole-y Skincare
The key to understanding microneedling is to accept that it does exactly what is says: it puts holes in your skin. This is normally a bad thing, but the method by which microneedling does its job tries to minimize the problems. Your skin is composed of multiple layers and the needles putting the holes in your skin are meant to pass through the outer layers of dead skin cells there for defense and lightly puncture the layer immediately below to trigger your skin’s repair response. The treatment does this effectively in the hands of a skilled professional. These holes are small enough to do the job while being easy to heal so that the actual puncturing of the sensitive skin doesn’t last long. Stimulating your skin’s repair process is useful because that necessarily means that your skin needs to work to produce more collagen to help make up for all the little pinpricks in the skin. That is where the beauty of the technique lies.

Better Than Before
Your skin, while a complex organ, has a comparatively simple way of responding to damage. It tells your skin to create a specific amount of the compounds and proteins necessary to repair an area and keeps doing this until the repairs are complete. Microneedling turns this in your favor as the simplistic and small nature of the “wounds” in your skin will be relatively easy to repair with the amount your skin produces and there tends to be plenty left over as well. These leftovers then go towards repairing any other damage in the area that might have built up over time. In doing so you generally will notice a better complexion in the area within a relatively short amount of time after the microneedling treatment. Stimulating the natural repair process helps your skin to help itself when it comes to beauty, but the other good part about microneedling is that the potential issues of lots of little holes to the inner layers of your skin also have a benefit.

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Penetrating Power
Most of the time the products you’re using need to work their way through multiple layers of protection to reach your actual skin. Those layers of defense are necessary, yes, but they also lower product effectiveness. Microneedling helps by temporarily reducing these defenses and giving free passage to some of the products that would otherwise have difficulty reaching your actual skin. These products are typically a little too large on a molecular level to easily get past things, but each of the puncture joints is a free route. This is why you typically want to do a fairly nourishing skincare routine in the time immediately after a microneedling session. You’ll be better able to care for your skin and get the most out of potent products like serums where potency matters. When combined with good skincare habits, microneedling can be the extra boost that gets your skin from okay to beautiful.

The effects of microneedling are relatively easy to see and harness. Temporary, minimal damage helps your skin to rally its ability to heal itself in such a way that you quickly benefit. You can use products to nourish and further boost your skin’s natural healing processes to greater effect thanks to the minor damage too. The key is simply remembering to talk to the professional performing the microneedling treatment about what minimal aftercare there is to prevent any issues and you should be able to enjoy healthier skin fairly soon after.

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