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Inspiring Brazilian Street Artist

Most of the time people think of great artists it always falls upon the masters of old who are long dead. Their paintings decorate galleries and draw people from all over the world to view them. Art doesn’t begin or end with such people though. It is a living thing that constantly grows and changes as people experiment with ways to express both themselves and the human spirit. Sometimes these newer artists find themselves in galleries, but others like Eduardo Kobra tend to do their art on a scale that doesn’t fit conveniently on a gallery. Kobra makes stunning murals that take up the entire side of buildings with his unique art style. Those living the luxe lifestyle will probably want to keep an eye open for his work as Kobra has gone international from his home country of Brazil.

Street Artist?
There almost seems to be something denigrating to calling Kobra a simple street artist. He’s done so much more with his talent, but the fact remains his chosen canvas is often the side of a building rather than actual canvas. Kobra’s career started in São Paulo where he was inspired to take the otherwise bare skyline of the city and make something truly beautiful of it instead of it just being another generic skyline. He wanted to make his city into art itself in the only way he knew how. Kobra’s early work began circa 1987 and the sheer beauty of his work began to draw attention. Over time, he has experimented with painting floors and traditional art, but has become most known for his murals. These enormous and vibrant works of art are slowly helping him achieve his dream of turning the skyline of São Paulo and other cities into art.

Kaleidoscopic Wonderland
The most common way people describe Kobra’s work is that it is like looking at a portrait through a kaleidoscope. Brilliant geometric shapes in a rainbow of colors help define the shape and overall look of Kobra’s work. Different shapes see use across his works, but the kaleidoscope is only one facet of what makes Kobra’s work so eye catching. The other side is the fine attention to detail in his “memory walls” that behave as portraits dedicated to various people across the world. A distinct eye for photorealism makes it seem as if the surface Kobra has used is nothing short of a giant photograph with only the kaleidoscope effect seeming to bring the idea into question. Most of Kobra’s portraits are plain black and white set over the kaleidoscopic backgrounds to allow the colors to shine through. There have been some exceptions, but this appears to be his most common approach that Kobra and his team take on larger projects. The results speak for themselves as they can draw the eye easily even when you’re some distance from them.

Eduardo Kobra

MAR Photography /

Beauty for All
An international reputation and a dedicated team of fellow artists didn’t originally seem to be the fate awaiting Kobra. His early life was marked by a distinct disinterest in school and life in a poorer part of São Paulo. It didn’t take long for him to fall in with other children who took to doing unwelcome graffiti around the area. Kobra has admitted it got him into his share of trouble, but at the same time, it ignited his passion for art. When his family took steps to ensure he would take his education seriously, Kobra’s passion for art only intensified. He began to experiment with sidewalk art in addition to practicing what would eventually lead to his style of murals. It was a long road for Kobra and his contemporaries, but all the trouble along the way has been worth it. The art that once brought them trouble has now brought them all international fame and the chance to realize Kobra’s dream.

Beauty can be found everywhere if you know where to look. The problem is that sometimes we have difficulty seeing it in cities due to drab materials and less than lively building designs. Kobra and similar street artists have visions to change this oppressive feeling and turn cities into living works of art that all can enjoy. Uncovering the true beauty of things is something any OROGOLD fan can appreciate. If you’re wanting to see any of Kobra’s work, then you can readily find pictures online as well as lists of places where his murals are currently on display.

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