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Kobe Beef Burger Spots

There’s a short list of foods in the world that are so famous and desirable that people’s mouths instantly start to water when they’re brought up. Kobe beef is one of those foods. It is made from specially raised Japanese cattle in the vicinity of Kobe in Japan. Its marbling is such that the meat, when properly prepared, melts in your mouth thanks to this facet of the meat. The worst part of all of this is that it is exceedingly hard to find genuine Kobe beef outside of Japan. A lot of places like to advertise that they use it for various meals, including hamburgers, but it is seldom genuine Kobe beef even if it is derived from Japanese cattle. If you’re traveling and looking for a taste of perfection that isn’t too perfect though, then you can easily stop in at a few restaurants around the United States for a taste of Kobe beef in a hamburger.

Beer & Buns
The name has a distinctly casual air, but this New York Restaurant actually plays host to one of the genuine Kobe Beef burgers likely available in the United States. A laid-back attitude and good food makes the restaurant known to locals and to those traveling through the area. It offers an eclectic mix of Asian ingredients combined with classic American meals like the hamburger. The aptly named “Indulgence” is the Kobe beef burger available on the menu. The meat itself takes center stage in this burger, but it adds on plenty of other luxury food items as well including foie gras, caviar, and truffles. They’re all wrapped together by a well-made bun. You’re sure to taste the difference when settling in to enjoy this burger.

Burger Bar
In keeping with the casual nature of hamburgers, the Burger Bar in Las Vegas doesn’t layer on a pretentious air that doesn’t fit with their primary dish. This doesn’t hurt the taste of food any as the chef’s awards and culinary concepts speak for themselves. As a Mandalay Bay area restaurant, you can also be sure that you can enjoy not only the classic style burger everyone’s come to expect, but it also plays host to another Kobe beef-based burger as well. This is the top tier menu item. The “Rossini” is somewhat similar to the Beer & Buns “Indulgence”, but has a more American feeling. It doesn’t hurt that most of the available side dishes are classic burger food as well. The Burger Bar remains upscale for a burger restaurant though and you’re sure to be able to stop in for a bit the next time you’re in Vegas. After all, Vegas is almost as classic as the hamburger.

Burger Brasserie
If you’re looking for somewhere that takes itself a little more seriously, this Vegas restaurant keeps on serving burgers, but has another kind of air to it. Modeling itself after a sports bar, the restaurant is a bit more intimate than a “burger joint” would necessarily feel. The French air helps a little too, but is to be expected, given the restaurant is inspired by Paris. There are plenty of takes on classic American comfort food on the menu, but the centerpiece is the “777 Burger”. You can be sure that it includes genuine Kobe beef due to the price tag and that’s not all you’re getting in the burger. The Kobe beef is complemented by genuine Maine lobster, pancetta, goat cheese, and other delectable ingredients. It certainly still looks like a burger, but the end result tastes more like a multiple course feast.

Burgers are American through and through even when new twists are put on them. Kobe beef makes an excellent addition to the typical formula by adding its unique texture and flavor. The end result is a hamburger that exceeds what most people expect from a hamburger. Travelers should certainly try to stop in and enjoy these burgers if they feel like tasting just how much you can actually improve on a classic comfort food.

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