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Long Distance Food Delivery

A lot of us have become intimately familiar with the idea of traveling to get in a good meal. The countless world class restaurants around the world mean that there is always something truly delicious in any city and country we visit. Admittedly the big issue is trying to find the best restaurants amid all the ones people know of and those little known hole-in-the-wall places where only locals go as they keep its secret. Finding a good restaurant is always a thrill, but what are you supposed to do when you want a particular meal and you don’t want to go out? Basic delivery options exist that can bring some kinds of food to you within a certain distance of a restaurant, yes, but if you’re outside of that radius you’re frequently left frustrated. This problem gets even worse when what you really want to eat is literally half a world away and would involve you needing to get on a plane to get the dish you desire. Fortunately for us, long distance food delivery services are stepping up to deliver…literally.

Autonomous Food Delivery
We’re going to start small and highlight the frustration of the delivery radius of even the best restaurants that allow for it. They have frustrated many of a day-in simply because the craving for a particular food has gotten too great. To make matters worse, some places don’t even offer delivery as an option. This is starting to change with the advent of the idea of domestic drone usage. Places around the world have begun experimenting with delivery food and packages to people’s doorsteps with drones. This option allows places to extend their reach farther than they ever have before and bring food to those whose craving just doesn’t exceed their want to stay in enough. These services are resting in an interesting legal area in the places testing them though as the companies offering the services are dealing with forming a new class of service and all the issues that entails. You can expect to see the options appearing more in the near future though.

Hand Delivered
While drones and similar services may be good for options on the other side of a city, they don’t solve the problem of having a craving for something a world away. After all, the delightful restaurant you had “that one dish” in whatever city it was isn’t really going to provide an international delivery service. The good news is that other people are stepping up to provide such services to the people who can afford them. These services allow you to place your order for a specific place and allow a member of the service to proceed to go to the desired restaurant, acquire your order, and bring it to you almost anywhere in the world. This service isn’t the most common though and only a few options exist in the moment. The benefit is that you can literally have “that one dish” within a short time of wanting it. Timing will vary depending on the overall distances involved though and as a result it can take most of a day or a full day for your meal to reach you. Admittedly, it is worth it for whatever your “that one dish” is, right?

The Frontier of Food
Long distance food delivery is really an exercise in a new way of thinking about food. Most of us are acquainted with traveling for food, but it traveling so far for us is new. It opens up vast options for experiencing different cultures without necessarily going to another country to taste authentic cuisine. Local delivery is old and uninteresting in light of all this. The novel methods for longer distance “local” deliveries are certainly exciting though. Services are doing their best to figure out if there are limits to the long distance options though. Some food needs to be prepared just right and maintained at temperature to ensure the flavors are appropriate while others can change some from long travel due to altitude and other factors. As the companies strive to figure out their own limits, you can take part in their experiment, but do so with the knowledge that the food won’t taste exactly the same as it did when you were sitting in the restaurant.

Long distance food delivery, however long the distance, is an increasingly available service to those who can pay for the service. It provides a new way to enjoy ourselves without needing to hop on a plane just because we were craving a particular dish from a particular restaurant. These services are still relatively new though and not all cuisine is necessarily suitable for travel. Exercise caution when trying on of these services and try to stick to foods that you know will travel well. That should mean you can satisfy most of your cravings without tempting fate.

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