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Luggage for the Luxury Travelers

Traveling well is partly about preparation and partly about planning. You can figure out all you need to before you arrive where you’re going easily. This lets you plan your packing effectively while having the time left to pack efficiently. What it doesn’t guarantee is that your luggage will complement your personal sense of style while you’re getting from home to wherever you’re traveling though. Not everyone chooses to coordinate their luggage, but those living an OROGOLD lifestyle know that there is little excuse to lack in fashion when you have a choice. As a result, we’ve put together a look at some stylish and serviceable luggage that will complement your life while still being fit for long distance travel. Let your luggage say as much as your outfit.

The Usual Suspects
What’s luxury without mentioning famous designers and design house? Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and other large names are mainly known for their lines of clothing and accessories. This hasn’t stopped them from also venturing into the world of luggage though. Many pieces they create seem to strive for a sort of sensible timelessness that maintains the elegance and poise associated with their names. This hasn’t stopped some from creating new pieces of luggage to match lines of clothing coming out in a given fashion cycle though. The main thing to remember is their emphasis on style allows you to coordinate without worry over imperfections from poor quality as their names are known for both quality and style. Coordinating your luggage with an outfit couldn’t be easier when the luggage is coming from a design house.

A Classic Look
While there is always something distinctly appealing about keeping up with trends, sometimes we need to step back and realize that there is something to be said for true timelessness. Vintage luggage is harder to come by than many would think and having it appropriately refurbished, in some cases, creates a distinct air of class that transcends time. This timeless elegance is very much in keeping with the OROGOLD spirit, but you can follow the modern trend in that spirit as well. Globe-trotter, for instance, is a luxury luggage company that focuses on maintaining an antique aesthetic while remaining fully modern in other design sensibilities. You get both timelessness and modern efficiency in a single, maneuverable package. The bonus of adopting a vintage aesthetic it that many of them are neutral enough in appearance that you can style your own outfit however you wish without worrying about clashing.

Sometimes what you’re looking for in luxury is sheer dependability. Victorinox is not a name many people immediately associate with luggage, but the fact remains that the company applies the exacting Swiss design philosophies found in their other products. The end result is serviceable, stylish, and infinitely dependable as they’re designed to handle whatever modern travel throws at them. They don’t stand alone though. Rimowa and Samsonite both have extensive histories in the production of luggage and are world renowned for their dependability. Each one has a unique design philosophy though. Rimowa maintains an “ultramodern” approach to both appearance and material choices that keep their luggage sleek and durable. By contrast, Samsonite utilizes designs and materials that keep them modern, but favor more timeless designs that remain stylish whatever the circumstance.

Traveling in luxury is more than just flying first class. It means keeping an air of elegance about you as your move through terminals and to the cars that take you to your hotel. Keeping your poise and beauty no matter the circumstance is part of the OROGOLD lifestyle as much as being reliable no matter the circumstance. Your luggage should be just as prepared as you.

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