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Luxurious Winter Skin Treatments

Winter is a wonderful time of year. People seem to bake endlessly as lights for various celebrations appear and disappear throughout the season. The wonderful sights and smells are almost enough to make you forget how dry the air feels and the constant struggle to keep your skin both feeling and looking healthy. There is no getting around the fact that winter is hard on everyone’s skin. You can do a lot to try to minimize the problems though. Putting in the work to keep your skin healthy deserves a reward now and again. With that in mind, OROGOLD has put together a few luxurious ways you can both take care of your skin and reward yourself this winter. That way you’ll keep a healthy glow and not need to worry about the only color left in your skin being from a nose rubbed raw from fighting the cold another way.

Heating Products
There’s something deeply relaxing about self-heating products. These products activate once applied to your skin and begin to radiate heat into the skin. It helps offer an ounce of warm luxury despite the chill in the air. Self-heating products are particularly rewarding due to the need to avoid overly hot water during the winter so you don’t dry your skin out. The loss of a long, hot shower to soothe the soul and provide respite from the chill is difficult to take for many people. The variety of warming products ensures you can try to reclaim that sense of calm and comfort wherever you like by applying the appropriate options. Just be sure to carefully read the directions on a given product to ensure you don’t allow them to sit for too long. Some issues with enjoying a relaxing heat never change.

Treat Yourself to the Spa
Some people try to reserve going to the spa for special occasions or only when they “really need it”. Winter makes a good excuse to relax in someone else’s care for a few hours. Spas typically provide several packages to let you pick what you want to experience. OROGOLD recommends opting for treatments that include time in warm pools or baths that you can relax in. This can help make up for the urge to turn the hot faucet as high as it can go and spa employees know how to keep the experience warm enough to relax you without damaging your skin. Favor hydrating and rejuvenating treatments primarily while at the spa as these tend to infuse moisture and vital nutrients into your skin. Winter will always make a good excuse to enjoy a little time at the spa. After all, it is a season of giving for many.


Humidity Inside and Out
You can fight the cold, dry air another way by carving out your own space in your home. Try setting up a humidifier in a favorite room to keep the air from being too dry. This will make it a nice space to retreat to when you need alone time. We recommend making use of these spaces and any “me time” you carve out of the winter to enjoy a hydrating mask. Since dry skin is going to be your primary worry, a good moisturizing mask is vital to ensuring that your skin remains healthy. Many of the products do more than just moisturize as well. The best ones tend to use various extracts to infuse vitamins and nutrients into your skin as well to boost its health and resilience. This will help your skin resist the rigors of the cold with greater effectiveness.

Winter may have you doing your best to prevent your skin from drying out, but don’t let the stress prevent you from relaxing. These options give you ways to treat yourself right both at home and while out and about. OROGOLD hopes this gives you a few ideas on ways to stay healthy and happy throughout the winter.

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