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Magnificent Honeymoon Destinations

Your honeymoon provides you with the opportunity to give your marriage the perfect start, meaning that you should really spend some time taking in all of the options when picking a destination. From tropical secluded beaches to the romantic Italian countryside, these destinations all ensure that your honeymoon will be a unique and one-of-a-kind experience.

Umbria, Italy
Known to romantics as being the birthplace of St. Valentine, Umbria is famous for the Sagrantino grape, and is filled with picturesque vineyards. Cantina Scacciadiavoli is the oldest in the region and was founded by a Roman prince, while Tenuta Castelbuono is sleek and modern. Arnaldo Caprai will offer breathtaking views, while Antonelli is a family-run vineyard where you and your partner will be able to enjoy a cooking class together. With your days filled with wine, your evenings can be spent relaxing at the Palazzo Bontadosi hotel, which is home to a luxurious spa, complete with Turkish bath and a range of aqua treatments. Tiny local restaurants serving up the most delicious Italian cuisine can be found all over Umbria, and if you want to celebrate your new marriage by dancing the night away, there are plenty of intimate jazz and wine bars to be found.


Consisting of hundreds of small islands, this exotic destination of Fiji is where movies such as Cast Away and Blue Lagoon were filmed, because it offers a far-flung ambiance that you simply cannot find anywhere else. With crashing waterfalls, secluded blue lagoons, and miles upon miles of empty white sand beaches, Fiji offers up an island paradise for anyone that wants a beach-based honeymoon. There are plenty of resorts and hotels on many of the islands, from the exclusive Dolphin Island to the sustainable but grand Wakaya Club and Spa, with each one providing quite the unique honeymoon package.

Costa Rica
In addition to being home to stunning beaches and world-class resorts, Costa Rica, which is set between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, offers plenty of adventure for couples that want a more adrenalin-filled honeymoon. From hiking through the rainforest jungles amid the colorful plants and wildlife, to rafting down the white waters of Rio Toro to taking a ride through the canopy of the Manuel Antonio National Park, there are plenty of once-in-a-lifetime experiences to be had in Costa Rica. The Florblanca Resort in Santa Teresa is known for being one of the best honeymoon resorts in the region, while the Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort is home to beautiful hot springs and lush surroundings, which will make it difficult to even leave the resort. Each resort offers breathtaking views, as well as a world-class level of service.

When choosing a honeymoon destination, be sure to pick a location that offers activities that both you and your partner can enjoy together. Whether this may be white water rafting in Costa Rica, wine tasting in Italy, or relaxing on a beach in Fiji, ensure that your honeymoon destination offers an experience that is truly unforgettable.

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