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Masks For Winter Issues

Cold weather tends to play havoc with our skin. While many seasonal shifts are relatively minor, the winter brings dry air that can make our usual routines less than capable at keeping up with things. It doesn’t help matters that we also tend to turn up the heat and further dry out the air inside. The collective assault on our skin is what wears it down and makes season-long skin issues far more likely. You can resist the effects of the cold weather with the right skincare though. You’ll probably want to use masks designed specifically to fight back against particular issues eventually, though. Even the most rigorous skincare routine can’t always keep up with things. Fortunately, the masks you’ll want to use to help fight back against the weather are relatively easy to pick out and use. What makes things even better is that they’re all relatively common too.

Hydrating Masks
This will be your go-to option for most of the winter. Dry air works against your skin constantly and tends to get past even the richest moisturizers eventually. The gradual buildup of dry skin tends to make it a fairly insidious problem that many of us don’t realize until it has become a pronounced issue. Itchy, flaky skin is a common winter hazard for a lot of people. You can fight back against the problem by remembering to use a hydrating mask every now and then to help give your skin an extra boost when it comes to moisture. Try to go for the richest options you have available to your skin type. People who normally have dry skin will want to look for oil-based hydrating masks to give their skin the biggest boost that they can to help avoid any long term issues. If you’ve got oily skin though, try to stick to lighter options to avoid making oil a bigger problem.

Oil Control Masks
People with oily skin, interestingly enough, are likely to get a lot of us out of these masks during the winter. The dry air cuts through natural oils as readily as it does products. This is a serious problem for people with oily skin as skin that gets too dry tends to overreact and produce a lot more oil. As a result, you can end up dealing with breakouts, blackheads, and other oil-related issues all winter if you don’t stay ahead of the production of oil. Occasionally, you’re going to want to look for a clay mask or something similar. These masks are good for soaking up the oil in the skin as they dry. It keeps the production of oils from getting too out of hand and leaves your skin in a convenient state for applying your own moisturizer. Remember to stick to water-based products even during winter though as you don’t want to add to the problem with a rich oil-based product.

Face peel
Light Peels
The last kind of mask you’re going to want to look into is technically a peel. An at-home product from a reputable source is almost a must during winter. Between too dry skin and the chance of too much oil, your skin can end up looking rather dull over the course of the winter. The dead skin cells and oils gradually get out of control and it becomes difficult to get ahead of the issue with standard skincare options. A peel is, in essence, a chemical exfoliating mask that will help solve the issue. It will dissolve accumulated and ground in oils and grime. While it is at it, the outermost layers of dead skin will also be removed. This will leave your skin glowing and far healthier looking than it did before. It is important to note that you’ll need to be extra careful when using a peel in the winter though. Ensure that you don’t need to be anywhere for a few days, keep humidifiers running in your home, and make sure to moisturize regularly to keep your skin happy. That will mitigate the drying effects will still letting you keep the radiant skin.

Using the right masks to fight back against cold weather skin issues is a good way to help make up for a lack in your own routines or to banish issues that managed to sneak up on you. Don’t rely on masks to solve all your problems though. A good daily skincare routine is still necessary to keep your skin healthy. Masks simply make a good addition.

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