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Maui Wine & Spirit Tours

Hawaii is known as an island paradise. Rich, flowering and green landscapes dotting the islands with an intense natural beauty combined with pristine beaches and inviting waters all conspire to create this idea. People get caught up in thinking about Hawaii in these terms to the point that even the volcanoes are a second thought. Hawaii is a place for fun in the sun and tropical desserts. You can’t be blamed for not being aware that the islands also play host to wineries and distilleries all creating local wines and spirits. It simply isn’t within Hawaii’s typical reputation. We expect this in France and Italy rather than in a small, island state in the Pacific. Fortunately, Hawaii is eager for everyone to sample these novel local tastes. They’re most commonly found on the island of Maui where you can find various tastes awaiting you.

While Hawaii island, aka Big Island, is frequently recognized as the source of Kona coffee, people often skip over the fact that Maui also has a rich farming landscape. They utilize it to grow a variety of crops to meet the tastes of the islands. This also includes wines and spirits. Most of the wineries and distilleries are therefore located in the farm country. Scattered amidst the coffee farms you’ll find the heart of the craft spirits movement in Hawaii. Rich, volcanic soil makes the area ideal to support the various kinds of crops. Some of the breweries and wineries are more prevalent than others. These tend to be the focus of the tours available on Maui. They visit these locations to ensure guests get a true taste of what it means when Hawaii tries its hand at making spirits.

The Places and The Tastes
Ocean Vodka Organic Farm and Distillery is one of the most well-known places for the tours to visit. This is because they take the pains to try and capture the flavors of the area and history of the island. Their focus is on cultivating Polynesian strains of sugarcane with mineral-rich local waters to create a distinctive product that is all Hawaii. Not everyone enjoys this kind of potent spirits though and you won’t be disappointed to find out that the Maui Wine Vineyard and Winery is another popular stop. Those looking for a true flavor of the islands won’t want to miss the winery’s signature pineapple wine, but they also produce traditional grape wines as well. All of them are grown in the rich volcanic soil of the island that gives them a distinct bouquet and flavor. If all of this seems a bit too high brow, the Maui Brewing Company exists to provide various local craft beers. These utilize local ingredients including pineapple and coconut to offer distinctive flavors to travelers. Other locations exist as well.

How to Find a Tour
Various tour groups exist to cater to people looking specifically to explore the wine and spirits of Maui. These generally advertise themselves openly as unique opportunities for travelers. They can be found online as well as in local areas frequented by tourists. However, anyone feeling like operating on their own schedule can do this too. Many of the wineries and distilleries also offer tours and tastings on a relatively regular basis. This provides you a way to create a day customized to your interests that can culminate in a visit for drinks to close the day or a slow travel across Maui experiencing all the flavors of the island for yourself. Regardless of how you tour these locations, the various flavors of the wines and spirits of Maui will leave you with no question that you’re in Hawaii even if spirits aren’t typically part of the tropical picture.

Truly exploring Hawaii involves trying out its less well-known aspects. The craft wine and spirits culture of Maui is an excellent example of the hidden gems a knowledgeable traveler can enjoy that other travelers will pass by without ever knowing otherwise. Just remember to enjoy your wine and spirits responsibly and to keep up your levels of skincare. After all, too much alcohol will hurt your skin over time.

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