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Moisturizing Your Skin Post-Workout

Your skin needs to be cared for at regular intervals to keep itself healthy. Yes, our skin spent millennia without appropriate care, but these days we can do better. Our skin deserves better than what nature intended. Knowing when to take care of your skin is an important part of proper skincare. Most of us tend to center our focus on the morning, the evening, or sometimes both. These are the focal points of a standard routine structure and things work out well in most cases. There are other times that we should really be considering looking after our skin though. One of these is right after we’ve finished a workout. It makes more sense than you’d think in most cases. Let’s have a quick overview of why moisturizing your skin is an important step and what you want to do to make sure your skin gets treated properly. After all, the complexity of good skincare shouldn’t stop us from providing the care, but instead it should inspire us to try harder.

Your Skin and Exercise
If we want to be specific, your skin needs a good, general routine after you’ve finished exercising. It makes perfect sense really. Consider what exercise does to your body. You start to sweat at least part of the way through and all that sweat starts to run down your body. Any grime that was already on your body tends to be picked up by the sweat and this combination can end up mixing with your natural oils and creating a mess that is beginning to be cleaned up. Remembering to do just that will help reduce the amount of breakouts that you have if you’re exercising regularly too. So a general purpose routine combined with a shower or bath after exercise is a good thing. Here’s one thing that most of us don’t think of when we get caught up thinking about that grime though: sweating means we’re dehydrated to a degree. That means your skin is just a little worse off than it was before we exercised and that needs to be addressed.

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A Further Problem
Before we go any farther forward we also need to address a common problem: using water that is too hot to shower or take a bath in. There is nothing that feels quite like a hot shower or bath after you’ve been exercising. It relaxes your muscles and makes you feel that surely your skin will be clean after it all. The entire thing just feels clean on some greater level. Unfortunately, this habit isn’t doing your skin any favors and is frequently another reason why you need to moisturize after exercising. Hot showers actually end up drying your skin out further too. The hot water strips away the oils from your skin and adds an extra layer of potential dehydration on top of the one simply caused by sweating. Warm to lukewarm showers are generally okay as long as they don’t last too long though. It can be hard to break this kind of habit, but it is necessarily for long-term skin health.

Sealing in the Health
A good moisturizing after exercising can fix all of this. It isn’t as if the simple act of sweating irrevocably ruins your skin. The key here is to ensure that you’ve bathed first and made sure that the water wasn’t too hot. Once your skin is clean, you can go through your normal prep and then apply moisturizer. You’ll want to generally be applying moisturizer within the first five minutes after getting out of the shower, but you can get away with within the first ten minutes if you get distracted. You’re doing this as it helps to seal the extra moisture from the shower in your skin. This is a boost to how well the moisturizer will work and contributes to greater skin health. Make sure the moisturizer is tailored to your skin type to ensure that you’re doing well by your skin, though. Lighter moisturizing products like toners or lotions are good for oily skin while heavier moisturizers such as creams and oil-based products in general are better for dry skin.

Properly moisturizing your skin after exercise helps to keep it looking and feeling healthy. You’ll get the best of all worlds by having a nice, radiant healthy glow from exercise with refreshed skin. The look is hard to compare to anything else. You end up looking younger and healthier than you did before. So don’t hesitate to make the extra effort to moisturize after you exercise. You’ll enjoy the results.

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