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Most Famous Paintings of the World

The old saying goes that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. This seems to certainly be the case in art. The ever-changing world of art is rocked by movements and design philosophies routinely as people experiment to find the next great method of expression. This leads to galleries full of works of art to suit different tastes. It’s hard to tell what truly counts as beautiful sometimes and what is simply innovative. Some works of art survive the rigors of the art world and continue to stand today as works of beauty and sometimes somewhat antiquated innovation depending on the artist. In keeping with the OROGOLD lifestyle, we’ve picked some of the most famous paintings in the world to highlight that sometimes people do agree on what counts as beautiful.

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt
Love and displays of affection are often the subject of art, but we seldom remember most of these paintings simply because nothing stands out about them. Klimt’s masterpiece managed to avoid the curse of the common through a strong combination of geometric patterns and visual passion. Lovers clad in brilliant garments with geometric designs hold center stage in the painting. The man is either moving in for a kiss or kissing the woman’s cheek as they’re locked in a passionate embrace. Brilliant golden color surrounds them as if setting them apart in a world of their own with only the barest hint of a field beneath their feet symbolizing there is a world outside of themselves. Its bold colors and striking patterns continue to captivate people to this day.

Mona Lisa painting

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The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci
It would have been easy enough to leave this painting off of the list, but people expect to see it. There is little explain about the Mona Lisa given people have been obsessed with the painting for centuries. Most commonly, people cite the strange smile that the woman in the painting possesses, as the reason for the intense interest. Artists and others cite the delicate play of light and shadow or the expertness with which da Vinci captured his model’s form as a reason for their love. Some people are drawn to the care put into the background. The combination of these elements and others has resulted in a painting widely considered one of the most valuable, fascinating, and perhaps beautiful in the world. Unsurprisingly, it is a carefully guarded treasure as befitting such a masterpiece.

The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh
Vincent van Gogh’s life was the story of a man driven by his passions to the brink of madness and perhaps occasionally beyond it. This seems to have given him a singular vision of the world that continues on to this day through his art. Once confined to an asylum, van Gogh would look beyond his room into the night. The image he saw night after night would serve as the inspiration for The Starry Night. He worked by day in the studio the asylum afforded him to put his vision to canvas. Swirling stars dance above a quiet town in the middle of the night as the moon casts a hazy light across the painting. It is difficult to say what draws so many people to the painting, but something of the beauty that van Gogh saw speaks to people long after the last brushstroke was applied to the painting.

Good art has a way of reaching out and capturing our imaginations. The best of it transcends time itself and continues to draw people to it long past the time even the artists themselves could imagine the painting still be relevant. There are many other famous painting in the world that are housed in various museums and galleries to be seen and cherished by people. It is truly fitting that anyone living an OROGOLD lifestyle take the time to see what other forms of timeless beauty there are in the world.

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