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Most Lavish Celebrity Weddings of 2015

People like to say that everyone loves a wedding. There’s potentially something to the saying. Few events bringing people together for a happy occasion quite like weddings. The clear issue is that not everyone loves weddings to quite the same degree. We’re sure of this given how lavish some celebrities try to make their big day. 2015 saw its fair share of celebrity weddings. Some kept their intent hidden and enjoyed quiet, private ceremonies with family and friends. Then there were the couples who went all out and tried to have the most glamorous and lavish wedding imaginable. OROGOLD has put together a quick list of a few of the most lavish celebrity weddings to take place in 2015.

Nicky Hilton and James Rothschild
What do you get when an heir and heiress decide to wed? An extravagant and elegant wedding making excellent use of the money each half of the couple can bring to the table. The couple ended up spending a huge amount of money on their wedding, but it shows in every last beauty and fashion soaked image preserved online. Hilton and Rothschild did their best to maintain a degree of classic elegance in their presentation, but that didn’t stop either from having luxurious attire for the event. Most people will agree that Nicky Hilton beat out her husband in this department with a distinct white lace gown that catches the eye whatever picture it is in. One of the most extravagant things about the wedding wasn’t anything the couple bought though. It was simply the fact they were holding it at Kensington Palace.

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello

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Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello
Sometimes it isn’t just the money you spend on your wedding that speaks the loudest, but instead, it is the company you keep. Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are not stranger to standing in from of cameras. They made this pretty clear with their wedding where they made sure to see and be seen. Vergara’s beautiful white dress drew a lot of talk from both the fashion media and guests. The latter category was composed of the friends and peers of the actors. One of the more interesting recognizable names that came to see the wedding was Reese Witherspoon. Plenty of others made their way there and while this wedding wasn’t necessarily the single most opulent of 2015, the couple certainly did their best to compete for being one of the most viewed weddings.

Angela Yeung and Huang Xiaoming
For one of the single most lavish weddings of 2015, we’re going to need to leave the United States and Europe behind. The credit goes to this Chinese couple. As a pair of actors, the two have each done their own things in the industry and spent a great deal of their relationship successfully hiding it from both Chinese and Western media. They made up for this in 2015 by ensuring their wedding was an event that no one will ever forget. In the end, the price tag for their wedding has landed the couple on most lists of the most expensive weddings ever held. From the arrangements to the guests to their truly massive cake, the couple put on a show. It seems fitting given their occupations.

Everyone wants their wedding to be something special. What that means varies depending on the couple. For every extravagant wedding like the ones above, some celebrities held simple and quiet ceremonies in their own homes away from prying eyes. One couple even surprised guests by holding their wedding unexpectedly. OROGOLD wishes all of these couples the best and hopes that you enjoy seeing the results of their ceremonies. Or maybe their wedding will give you a few ideas for your own if you’re looking for them.

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