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NYFW Back Stage Secrets

New York Fashion Week is a mass of chaos, design, and beauty. Everything goes into those few minutes that the models walk out onto the runway and show off the work of the designers to the world. But the catch is that they aren’t just showing off the work of one designer or fashion house. Countless people buzz around behind the scenes making everything work as smoothly as possible that you never see at all in the fashion shows themselves. Since you seldom ever see or hear about them, OROGOLD is pulling back the curtain so that you can get an idea of the glorious mess that hides behind the runway. Things aren’t quite as glamorous back there, but it remains magical.

Everyone is Going Everywhere
A fashion show really isn’t that long, but the prep for it on both sides of the runway takes up a great deal of time. Backstage roaming bands of stylists and manicurists snap up models for prep before they walk the runway in an endless cycle. The models sometimes even get dragged into a booth right after they’ve stepped off the runway just so they can have their hair and makeup redone quickly for their next trip down the runaway. Nothing ever really stops moving backstage due to this. The only people who can afford to sit still are the models and even they are only sitting still so that people can touch up their looks. That or so they can actually try to eat that day.

Everywhere is…well, Everywhere
Keeping up with people is difficult thanks to the chaos backstage. Different people can be employed across several shows and end up drifting from one place to a next to try to get things done. This can work out okay with some members of the backstage crew, but it happens to models occasionally too when their time is in high demand. So what do you do when one of the people wearing the stars of the fashion show vanish off to talk to someone or bustle off to parts unknown? You send someone after them. There are people whose entire jobs backstage are to keep track of where the models are at all times and to fetch them if they are needed. Since no one can afford to sit still, this makes that job particularly vital to ensuring a show goes off without trouble.

Time Lapse Photography
Fashion reporters love giving out photos from backstage to enhance their coverage of Fashion Week. It gives you a small glimpse behind the scenes at what all goes on backstage without fully destroying the mystique. Not only that, but you get to feel like you’re seeing something exclusive. There’s a catch to this though. You’re really not the first one to see what is backstage. In most cases, designers make sure reporters are obligated to not share anything from backstage before the actual fashion show that all the preparations are for. A little linguistic slight of hand generally covers this as no one ever says the photos were taken just before an article goes up on a website. Sometimes there are exceptions, but these are relatively rare in the world of fashion to help maintain the mystery of the show.

Roving bands of estheticians, rapidly writing reporters, and the omnipresent spirit of fashion define the backstage area of Fashion Week. Only a comparative handful of people ever experience the hectic nature of the backstage, but it pays off in the end. The models walk down the runway. The clothes set the standard for the next fashion season. The designers get to finally rest for a little while. OROGOLD doesn’t recommend getting in anyone’s way backstage if you want to see the beauty of Fashion Week though. The constant movement is interesting, but the beauty is in those golden moments on the runway.

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