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Order Up These Perfect Brunch Cocktails

Brunch is a leisurely way to get in an early meal in the day without feeling rushed to wake up or get to a particular place for lunch. The fact that brunch often means being able to get your favorite foods from each major meal certainly doesn’t hurt matters. That’s probably part of why brunch remains such a popular thing. After all, there’s no pressure on the affair and everything about it is simply about enjoying good company and food. The cocktails don’t hurt either. A cocktail or two at brunch won’t make people look at you askance for day drinking. A good meal, a nice cocktail, and a wonderful view can go a long way towards setting up for a wonderful day. Most of us tend to have a good idea of where we can get a nice brunch with a view, but choosing a good cocktail can be a bit harder. After all, there are a handful of them at that considered good for brunch. Let’s take a quick look at some of the best brunch cocktails to help give everyone an idea of what’s good with brunch.

As one of the traditional brunch cocktails, Mimosa has a way of pairing wonderfully with the meal. This is partly due to the fact that the mix of champagne and orange juice is so easily substituted for pure orange juice in the meal. The end result is a fruity and light cocktail that pairs well with a variety of foods and maintains a certain air of refinement about it. Admittedly, the Mimosa has grown a lot from its traditional roots as people have experimented with ways to improve upon it. The end result is that there are a lot of variations on the Mimosa available these days ranging from the colorful Tequila Sunrise Mimosa to the simpler yet still tasty Lemonade Mimosa. The trick is simply figuring out the kind of flavors you’d like to have alongside your meal and going with it. Most Mimosa variations are sure to please during a leisurely brunch.

Coffee with whipped cream on table

Coffee With A Kick
There are plenty of recipes out there for cocktails involving coffee. A lot of them are brunch favorites thanks to getting the kick of coffee as well as the delightful flavor from particular spirits. Irish Coffee is one of the traditional favorites of brunch though. The mixture of sugar, coffee, whiskey, and cream makes for a pleasant way to while away brunch while simply enjoying the world. You’re not restricted to just having an Irish Coffee though. Spiking your iced coffee is a perfectly valid option for summer brunches. Rum is a particularly popular option for the sweet taste to intermingle as a counterpoint to the coffee. Admittedly, you could abandon all pretences and try something like a Coffee Granita with an extra kick for a sweet, sweet drink to enjoy over your brunch. These combinations of coffee and alcohol provide a lovely set of flavors. Don’t hesitate to try similar options using tea though if you prefer it to coffee as there are plenty of tea cocktails with a kick too.

It is no surprise that the Bellini is another popular brunch cocktail thanks to it being a semi-counterpart to the Mimosa. The traditional version of the drink is a combination of Prosecco and peach puree or nectar. Like a Mimosa, it creates a light, fruit drink that pairs well with a wide variety of foods. It is also a light enough drink that it has little impact on the person drinking it. There are also plenty of variations on it just like there are with a Mimosa. Most of these variations revolve around substituting the peach component for another juice or puree to create a different flavor. This allows you to pair your meal with a flavor you know will work well along with the pleasant tickle of Prosecco. It is a simple matter of deciding between all the great options out there. Consider trying a citrus version of the drink or try opting for a more familiar taste. You’d be surprised at how flexible a Bellini can end up being.

A good cocktail is what makes brunch, brunch for a lot of people. After all, how can you tell it apart from breakfast or lunch without a flavorful drink with a kick? Finding the right cocktail for you tends to be largely figuring out the flavors that appeal to you. Lighter drinks tend to be the order of the day for brunch, but there are plenty of options for people open to trying new drinks. Consider asking for a recommendation that next time you have brunch. It could result in you finding a new favorite drink.

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