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Pack Like a Pro

One thing we all experience when preparing to travel is the nerve-wracking exercise that is packing our luggage. This can take anywhere from minutes to hours depending on individual temperament. Admittedly, you typically want a patient temperament when packing as otherwise you end up shoving everything into the luggage and then realizing it won’t close. A little patience serves you well in this regard as you can take the time to pack appropriately. Setting aside space for skin care products is an expected habit for an OROGOLD customer, but how do you do that effectively? For the matter, how does anyone pack effectively for a trip. All it takes is a few tips and you too can learn how to pack like a pro.

Be Mindful of Circumstances
Packing appropriately isn’t just about having the necessary space in your luggage. You need to remember what you intend to be doing on your trip and where you intend to be doing it. As a result, your first consideration should be picking out the outfits you intended to take. A professional reason for traveling naturally necessitates a different wardrobe from a vacation. Once you have a clear idea of the overall tone of your trip, then you can start making appropriate outfit selections. Keep the weather of your destination in mind as well. Ideally, you should check the weather every few days in the week leading up to your trip to have a feeling for the general weather of the area as well as what is expected. It will help avoid you being caught unaware by an unexpected cold snap or heat wave.

Pack Carefully
Most of us have wardrobes composed of various fabrics. Each of these has particular care instructions attached to it and can tolerate different amounts of wear, tear, and storage. These help govern how you should pack the outfit. A good rule of thumb is to remember that you can save space in your luggage by rolling any outfit made of wrinkle-resistant material. Pure cotton is especially good about being rolled for storage in a suitcase. Formal clothing is a little less forgiving when it comes to storage in the confines of a suitcase. If you have a bit of luggage meant specifically for storing dresses or suits, then you should be using it for such clothing. You can make do with a standard piece of luggage if you carefully fold such clothes though. This will minimize any wrinkling. Setting them above the rolled clothes will give them a somewhat firm base to rest on as well. Any products you pack, OROGOLD or otherwise, should rest on top of all clothing.

Product Storage
One thing to keep in mind when packing is how many care products you’re bringing. Luggage has fewer restrictions than carry on and as a result, you’ll likely wish to store more of your products in your checked luggage. However, you can still carry plenty in your carry on if you feel compelled to do so. You should be mindful of TSA regulations before doing so as there are size restrictions on the size of containers allowable for many substances. Storing them in your luggage brings fewer considerations beyond making sure your products are stored tightly and carefully. A good option is to seal them in a resealable bag to ensure that no products leak or otherwise get smeared on your clothes during transit. Additionally, it allows any authorities searching your luggage to readily see, but not touch your belongings.

Packing intelligently is actually a relatively easy process. All it takes it remembering a few guiding rules and your luggage will be neater and more efficiently packed than it ever has been before. You can seal more away in bags than your OROGOLD products though and sometimes it is advisable to do this for your underclothes as well if there is a chance airport security will check your bags. Beyond that, simply remember to check the typical pre-travel checklists and everything should go smoothly.

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