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Perfect White Bed Linens

If it can be said that we all share one thing, it is that we eventually go to sleep. A good bed is endlessly inviting at the end of a long day. We all have our own little quirks about what we want from our beds though. For instance, do you like the sheets tucked tightly or allowed to lay loose? What kind of material feels the best on your skin? Do you have a particular color of sheets that you prefer? That last potential preference is what can drive many of us to distraction. Perfectly white and crisp bed linens have an ethereal beauty to them regardless of the material that makes them feel wonderfully inviting, but keeping that crisp color can be difficult. After all, all sheets seems to fade or change over time no matter what we do. White linens are simply prone to showing it faster. There are tips and tricks that can help you keep that perfectly white look for your linens just that much longer though. Let’s look at a few of them.

Don’t Use Bleach
Bleach seems like the go-to product for keeping sheets white, but in truth it is actually one of your worse options. The compound is hard to use safely if you’re not careful and it has a habit of actually damaging the fibers of all linens. This makes them gradually less pleasant to the skin and actually ends up making them retain colors quickly. It gets more annoying though. Your sheets start yellowing from your body’s natural oils and grime as they build up. Bleach can actually react with them in such a way that it actually leads your sheets to yellow even faster. This is one of those cases where uncommon sense will serve you better than common sense. Look for sodium-based cleaners you can use instead of bleach. That will help you ensure that your white linens stay that way for far longer than bleach will without hurting the linens.

Remember The First Rule of Laundry
Most of our guardians taught us to wash whites and lighter colors separately from darker colors for a reason. Colors have a habit of bleeding while being washed and it can gradually or not so gradually soil otherwise white cloth. You should dedicate an entire load of laundry just to doing your white linens for this very reason. It keeps them entirely separate from the rest of your clothes and allows you to be sure there will be no color bleeding at all involved in the wash. You can make this even better too. Skip the hot water cycle when washing white linens. Hot water may help clean effectively, but you don’t need it if you’re just giving your linens a light wash. Cold water is best in this case as hot water, like bleach, can actually contribute to damaging the fibers in the linens. The other benefit is that cold water is less likely to cause any color bleeding in case you miss an article of clothing and it gets stuck in the wash with your white linens.

Dry The Old-Fashioned Way
White linens drying on a clothes line outside are an eternal image ingrained in cultural memory through various bits of media. Interestingly enough though, that’s actually one of the best ways to further help keep your white linens as perfectly white as they were the day you got them. The open air is good, but the sunlight is what is actually going to do you the most favors. Sunlight tends to bleach colors away from fabrics left in the sun. Drying your linens in the sun will turn that problem to your advantage by making it one of the best parts about open air drying your linens. Don’t forget to secure the linens to the line you’re hanging them from though. Clothes pins did once serve a purpose beyond helping hold up children’s art projects on a fridge. It does take a little experimenting to figure out how long you need to allow fabrics to dry outside though. Check them every hour or so depending on your climate to figure out the approximate time you can expect them to be drying each time you wash them.

Perfectly white bed linens are something to cherish for as long as the color lasts. It provides a welcoming beauty to accompany a night’s rest that is hard to get any other way. You do have to put in the work to keep maintaining that pristine color though. Avoiding bad product choices and laundry habits will go a long way towards avoiding yellowing or damaging the linens over time. So consider using some of these tips to help you keep your linens looking fresh and beautiful.

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