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Planning A Road Trip Through Wine Country

A road trip is a fairly traditional way to get to know the country or a particular section of the world. It is simply a matter of figuring out what you desire the most out of the trip. That’s why some people end up taking a road trip through wine country. You can take leisurely drives through beautiful terrain complemented by stops to sample wines or eat fabulous food paired with exquisite local wines you might not otherwise hear of elsewhere. It is all, literally and figuratively, a matter of taste. Planning this kind of road trip does mean that you need to figure out what you want from the trip to help you narrow down the factors you’ll be balancing while planning. Do you prefer a particular kind of wine? You’ll obviously prefer to have the route favor wineries that specialize in such wines. Accommodations are also a concern as some wineries offer guest quarters while at another time you might be more interested in a bit of camping along the way. Let’s take a closer look at these and other elements so you know what you’re getting into when planning this kind of road trip.

Selecting your route is particularly important to helping ensure that you make the most of a trip through wine country. Admittedly, you’ll want to select which wine country to begin with as that will determine a lot more. For instance, old world charm can lead you through the French wine country and meandering throughout beautiful landscapes dotted with old dwellings with a distinct charm. California wine country will take you through rolling hills and other scenery as you sample the best that the United States has to offer. There is even a wine country in Mexico. Those willing to sample the wines from that region will learn to appreciate the spirit of experimentation and place that the wines bring as they remain relatively untempered compared to wines with longer history. Finding the overall where will help let you plan the other aspects of your trip as well. Planning your route will bring you to the other considerations of the trip though.

While wine tends to take prominence in a road trip through wine country, we strongly encourage you to make time to sample the local cuisine along the way. One of the best parts about wine country is that vineyards are seldom the only kind of farm or establishment in the area. Wine countries tend to be the perfect places to enjoy locally grown and seasonal culinary delights. This is because of the ready access to both ingredients and wines. It allows chefs to ensure that the best sampling of local foods is available with a perfectly paired wine at the side from a local vineyard. Stopping and enjoying some of the better restaurants along the way will help you find and appreciate dishes you might otherwise overlook or help you find your new favorite wine. Keep a keen eye out when planning your route. These days it is easy to check reviews and typically find a website for restaurants along the way. A little effort will help you find your new favorite.

Making sure that you’re able to rest and enjoy yourself in the manner to which you are accustomed is another important part of planning a road trip. After all, wineries frequently offer tours along with tastings and you’re going to want to have somewhere to rest at the end of the day. Bed and breakfast options tend to be relatively common in wine country as they offer a bit of a quaint way to meander your way through the area. However, you can also find instances of larger resorts or hotels that make it a point to act as a hub for people traveling through wine country. These offers truly luxurious accommodations, but being anchored to one area as a hub doesn’t necessarily feel like a road trip to everyone. Lastly, there are boutique options, camping sites, and even some wineries, as highlighted before, that can also serve as a place to lay your head each night. Consider what appeals to you when planning your route to ensure you wake up each day feeling refreshed.

A trip through wine country gives you a chance to enjoy the taste of the area at your own pace and in the right setting. There’s just something that makes a wine tasting room superior to just sampling small sips at a store in hopes of finding the perfect wine. The changing locations, varied tastes, and opportunities along the road make the trip about the experience as much as it is about the wine. Careful planning will give you a trip you’ll talk about for ages and give you something to aspire to the next time you start thinking about a road trip.

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