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Planning the Perfect Outdoor Brunch

Trying to play any gathering requires a certain investment of time. You have to do all the planning, gather the appropriate supplies, send the invitations, remind people about them, and countless little things that always seem to pop up. One of the initial decisions most of us have to make is the kind of gathering that we intend to have. Spring approaching makes it the perfect time to start considering an outdoor gathering of some sort to enjoy the warmer, but not too warm weather with others. A brunch is particularly ideal as you maintain some of the cool of the morning without dealing with the potential excesses of the afternoon. Planning a good brunch is a lot of work though and if you’ve never done it you might be wondering how. Don’t worry. We have some tips to help guide you through the process. There’s no way to promise that the result will be truly perfect, but it will at least be something to pleasantly remember with your guests.

Pick A Theme
As the saying goes, presentation is everything. Deciding on a theme for your brunch will go a long way towards helping you to figure out how you want the gathering to go. You don’t need any particularly grand theme, but even a coordinating set of colors can go a long way towards making the event a little bit more memorable. You can use this decision to inform all further steps as well. A theme can give you an idea of the foods to serve and any particular music you might want to use to set the overall mood. Once again, we would like to stress that it doesn’t need to be anything complex. You may want to avoid complex themes entirely given brunch is a comparatively light meal. However, feel free to experiment with a slightly more complex theme if the gathering is for a specific group such as a book club where the effort will both work with who is coming and the goal of the meeting.

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Pick A Date And Time
This is honestly one of the more important aspects of planning an outdoor anything. Weather being a factor in things tends to mean you need to figure out how to work around it. Watch the news or use your favorite website to get a feeling of the weather in the coming weeks. Additionally, you’ll likely want to draw on your own knowledge of the local weather if you’ve lived in your current location long enough to get a good sense of it. You’ll want to pick a time when the weather is going to be relatively stable and agreeable without it favoring any unpleasant temperatures. Additionally, you’ll want to figure out what time is acceptable to everyone. You have plenty of options given the overall flexibility of “brunch” as a concept, but it is still a specific frame of time. Try picking a few dates and checking them with your guests. This way you can reschedule if the weather suddenly turns sour on the chosen day.

Pick A Menu
You’re eventually going to be faced with this task once you’ve settled everything else. Theme and time can help inform the dishes you might want to prepare for the gathering. The other major considerations will be defined by who you’ve invited to the gathering. Everyone has their own particular tastes and being in charge of a gathering means trying to make sure there is something for everyone. This is particularly important if any of your guests have particular dietary restrictions based on personal beliefs or medical necessities. Some dishes you select should be things you can prepare in advance and store until the day of to help cut down on your overall prep on the day of the brunch. Don’t forget to include some things to prepare that day though. In general, you may wish to favor lighter snacks for early preparation while preparing the main dish on the day of the gathering. This should help satisfy even finicky palates.

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A good outdoor brunch combines good company, weather, and food all into one delightful experience. There’s no denying that the planning that goes into making a successful one does take effort. You have to learn to juggle potential dates against the weather to make sure you have an enjoyable time outside. Once you make the effort though, you’ll surely have good memories to hold on to afterwards.

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